You Have Questions? Scream to Hashem! — Daily Shiur by R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Shiur of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, given over on Tuesday, the evening of 6 Elul, Parashat Ki Tetzei, after Ma’ariv:

So Rivka the Tzedeket, at the age of three, they made for her a shidduch (marriage match).  They immediately called me [to see] if I approve of the shidduch.  I said that I don’t approve in any way whatsoever.  I am Turkish; I don’t want in my family any Turk.  They only think about money, barely religious.  But Eliezer didn’t listen to my opinion.  He made the shidduch; then in the end, Esav came out [of it] like I had told him.  “V’Kada Al Shichma — the jug on her shoulder” (Bereishit 24:45) — the initial letters of Esav.  However, Rabbi Meir of Dezikov explains that then Eliezer wanted to return home without the shidduch, because I told him to cancel it immediately.  Then he was “macharish – staying silent”; he decided that he would overcome the Kushya (difficult question).  The Rebbe says in [Likutey Moharan] Lesson 26: Kushya is [the initial letters of] “Shema Hashem Koli Ekra — Hashem, hear my voice when I call” (Tehilim 27:7).  You have a kushya about the shidduch?  Scream to Hashem!  He screamed to Hashem; Hashem showed to him “macharish,” the numerical value of “Yaakov Esav” — 558.  Then he understood that Esav is only the evil husk, but how do you remove the evil husk?  Only through dancing!  And this is, “They washed their feet” (Bereishit 18:4).   Rabbeinu says in Lesson 10: “They washed their feet” — this is to toss up the legs, the heels, and we will already merit to a complete redemption and revival of the dead, speedily in our days, Amen!”

The shiur begins at timecode 39:52

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