A Prayer for the Rav

Prayer for the recovery of the Rav

A prayer for Rav and Rabbanit Berland

Last week, Shuvu Banim put out a call for 2,000 Tikkun HaKlalis to be said for Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, who was taken ill during one of his classes in Tel Aviv. Baruch Hashem, the response was amazing: over 11,000 Tikkun Haklalis were recited in the space of 24 hours.

The Rav’s health took a significant turn for the better – but we’re not out of the woods yet.

Two days’ ago, Rav Berland wrote and released a prayer to be said for a complete recovery for himself and the Rabbanit Berland, which we are pleased to share a translation of with you below.

Then yesterday, the Rav also requested that we should say 1,000 Tikkun HaKlalis every single day, for the Rav’s success and healing.

The situation facing Israel and the Jewish people grows more and more complicated with each passing day, and we can all feel that we have arrived at some sort of spiritual crossroads, where enormous things are at stake.

So, please join us in praying for the Rav and Rabbanit’s welfare – and for the ongoing welfare, success and safety of Am Yisrael.



Ribonu shel olam, Master of the world, for whom everything is possible, give me the merit of connecting with you at every moment, every second, with each and every movement, and with every single breath.

And then, I will merit to see You face-to-face, at each moment and each second, as it’s written: “Because eye-to-eye, they will see Hashem’s return to Zion.”

And then, I will merit to pray day and night at the Kotel, without even stopping for a moment, or for a second, and in every place of prayer, and I will hear the [blast of the] shofars.

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And I will always pray for the refuah (healing) of the Rav and the Rabbanit, and that the angels Nuriel, Raphael, Gavriel, Michael and Orphniel – which are the initial letters of the word “Argaman” – should accompany them every second and every moment, to every place they go to.

And send them a full and immediate refuah, from your wide, open hand, because you are God, the merciful and faithful King of healing, as it’s said: “I and no angel; I and no Seraph; I am Hashem. I am He, and no other.”

And send them a refuah shleimah from Heaven, in the blink of an eye, to all their 248 limbs and 365 sinews, so that they should be healthy and strong for ever and ever, like the holy and awesome Rabbenu [Rebbe Nachman], and like Eliyahu HaNavi, may his memory be for good.

And they should merit to enter Gan Eden with their bodies, like Serach bat Asher, the servant of the Cushite King, and Eliezer, Avraham’s servant, who all entered Gan Eden in the blink of an eye, with their bodies.

And all the terrible suffering that the Rav and the Rabbanit are experiencing every moment and every second, should atone for us, and for all of Am Yisrael. And by way of this, their bodies should be totally purified, like the body of Yehoshua ben Levi, who merited to subdue the Angel of Death, and to take his awesome sword from him, and who leapt into Gan Eden with his body.

And it was sworn to not leave there for eternity…

And may I fulfill the verse: “And they blessed Rivka, and said to her, ‘Our sister, may you live for thousands and myriads, and may your offspring inherit the gate of their enemies.’”

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