Fire will break out on Chanuka

Fire will break out on Chanuka

Fire will break out on Chanuka

Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, made the following stunning comments about huge fires breaking out before Chanuka many years’ ago, long before current reports of the huge wildfires that are currently running wild throughout Southern California. According to the latest reports, the flames have burned more than 270 square miles since they first broke out on December 4, 2017, and as of writing, there is currently no end in sight.

Headlines in the US this morning (December 11, 2017) blared out that: ‘New evacuations have been ordered as Southern California fire explodes in size.’ It seems that Rav Berland, shlita, may have predicted these ‘impossible to stop’ fires many years ago.


Fire will break through on Chanuka, great tongues of fire will break through (literally: run), and it will be impossible to halt them. These tongues of fire will come down from shemayim (the heavens), by way of the Chanuka candles.

The Rebbe bring down in lesson 249 [of Likutey Moharan]: Suddenly, a person wears this spirit of ‘might’ (gevurah) – and then he can do ‘mighty deeds’, because: ‘the essence of gevurah (strength / might) is in the heart.’ When a person has a strong heart, he’s not scared of anyone else in the world.

There is no fear; there are no arabs; there is nothing. Nothing exists [to scare him], he only goes with ‘Ein Od Milvado’ – there is only Hashem. It’s possible to receive this spirit of might on Chanuka, in the same way that Chana merited to obtain it.

‘Chanuka’ is ‘Chana-ko’, that Chana was connected to the essence, that she was connected to Hashem. “And Chana prayed to Hashem” – she only saw Hashem, she was only stuck to Hashem, so the whole of Chanuka continues from Chana.

Rav Natan explains in his commentary on Choshen Mishpat that all of Chanuka is from the spiritual light of Chana, from Chana’s neshama (soul). Chana didn’t give up on her prayers, she didn’t stop having emuna, she didn’t stop believing under any circumstances.

Chana started praying at the age of 10 that she would merit to give birth to a holy son, a ben Tzaddik, but she only got pregnant at 130! For 120 years, all she did was pray to Hashem, and she succeeded in bringing down the soul of Shmuel, who was considered to ‘weigh’ as much, spiritually, as Moshe and Aharon together.

Shmuel anointed both Shaul and David, with the emphasis here on David, who is the Moshiach, as it’s written: “I made a candle for the Moshiach,” which is the light of Chanuka. When a person decides to give himself over to Hashem Yitbarach, he receives a spirit of oz (courage) and gevurah (strength). By way of this spirit, he can make great wars, and vanquish all the evildoers, all of the assimilationists, and bring the geula (redemption).

Just as Chana merited, by way of the light of Chanuka, we can bring down the soul of Moshiach… Chana sacrificed herself for Hashem Yitbarach; she did everything only for Hashem, she only asked for a son for Hashem.

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And today, to sacrifice ourselves simply means to sit and learn (Torah)! We don’t have to make wars with anyone, we just need to simply sit and learn, and to put our heads into the holy Torah, and into the holy pages of the Gemara.

Translated from the Tzama Nafshi newsletter.

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