No justice in the State of Israel

Photo by Shimon Shavi - this was taken immediately after the police raided Rabbi Berland's home, and arrested 6 gabbays.

There is no justice in the State of Israel

The ongoing campaign of persecution being waged by the Israeli Police and the State Prosecutor’s Office against Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, and the Shuvu Banim community took another ugly turn in the last day.

Shortly before the early morning prayers, tens of policemen arrived to conduct a brutal, forced search of Rabbi Berland’s private residence.

These policemen claimed they were looking for ‘evidence’ of wrong doing. As usual, the ‘evidence’ they were apparently looking for was based on more groundless accusations, slanders and lies, from the exact same source that has been maliciously persecuting the Rav over the last few years.

If the situation wasn’t so malicious, it would be laughable.

The people who are behind these rumors are some of those people who are constantly criticizing and abusing anyone who co-operates with what they term ‘the Zionist government’.

But when it comes to the matter of persecuting Rabbi Berland, they give themselves full permission to co-operate with ‘the Snake’ – again, the term they themselves use to describe the State of Israel.

Anyone who has been following developments over the past few years already knows that this isn’t the first instance of this type of ugly persecution against Rabbi Berland and his community. It’s not the first time that they authorities have used baseless lies to defame the community, and its leader.

This time around, they claimed that Rabbi Berland, shlita, was hiding millions of shekels in his home. The police came, they aggressively searched into every nook and cranny – and they found nothing. Because there was nothing to find.

We, the citizens of Israel, live at a very disturbing time in the Nation’s history, where law enforcement officials are being actively used to persecute Jews solely for political and religious reasons.

While the police and State prosecutors continue to use their well-worn routine – using the press and leaks to try to justify their actions, and to widely publicize themselves as ‘knights of honor, crusading for justice’ – the opposite is true. They are regularly infringing upon even the most basic of human and civil rights, while the legal system, the courts and the judges, just continues to cynically rubberstamp their morally repugnant activities.

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Like many others in Israel – perhaps, even the vast majority of Israeli citizens today – we have come to understand that we are dealing with a corrupt, cruel and rotten law enforcement system that effectively operates in anything but a ‘just’ way.


Our legal system is being used as a tool by the radical left and those who hate religion, who ‘order up’ police investigations with the State Prosecutor’s Office against people they don’t like, the same way others order a pizza.

In Rabbi Berland’s case, we can also add into this toxic mix those individuals who don’t cease to preach hatred against the Israeli government and the State of Israel – but who have no qualms in co-operating with them to produce more lies against the Rav.

So, like the many other citizens in Israel today, we too share the claim that there is no justice and fairness in the law enforcement system of the State of Israel – it’s all a rigged game by investigators and attorneys who have already judged and decided that a certain person is guilty, and who then use the power of the law enforcement community to prove what they have already determined and decided in their veiled and delusional minds.

And we too, together with most Israeli citizens, are also concerned and shocked by the transformation of Israeli democracy into a legal dictatorship, which acts above the law and which crosses every red line in place to ensure the legal and fair exercise of power.


Over the years, so much Jewish blood has been spilled to defend and protect this Israeli democracy. And at this moment, the State’s law enforcement systems are approaching their brutal moment of truth.

So we, too, share in the sad and painful reality of so very many Israeli citizens who are now expressing zero confidence in the justice and law enforcement system; zero confidence in the purity of the motives of police investigators; and zero confidence in the prosecution’s fairness.

We all understand that this bought and corrupted ‘game’ being played out in the courts is going to end very soon, but until then we will all continue to pray with even greater intention – “Return our judges to us, as in the early days….and remove from us sighing and deep groaning.”

Adapted and translated from an article by Rabbi Aaron Schwartz.


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  1. Bs”d

    SANHEDRIN to this is the only answer.
    It will get worse if we do not stop it.
    Remember there is no the other side, its just the lack of LIGHT. Without JUSTICE>>>>this is the situation. Goiym should not judge the JEWS. SANHEDRIN should and will.
    “Return our judges to us, as in the early days….and remove from us sighing and deep groaning.”
    If the Jewish state could be revived virtually from the ashes of destruction after two thousand years, then why hasn’t the Sanhedrin, the great Jewish court of the First and Second Commonwealths, been revived? During the centuries of its existence, this august body, comprised of seventy-one elders and sages who ruled on every aspect of life, brought unity to the land because their decisions were binding on the entire nation.

    The world endures on three principles:


    justice, and




    Which is the proper course that a person should choose for himself? Whatever is an honor to him who does it, and which also brings him esteem from mankind… (Avot 2:1).

    “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; and it declares of the end, and does not lie; though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come; it will not delay” …


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