Rav Kanievksy: Moshiach is amongst us today

Rav Kanievsky and Rav Berland

Rav Chaim Kanievsky: Moshiach Chai!

Recently, an article was published in the Hebrew Hidabroot website with the headline:

“Moshiach chai (Moshiach is alive) and is amongst us today. The geula (redemption) is ready, and prepared.”

The article then stated:

“In light of this, Rav Kanievsky very much wants to remind us of the words of the Gemara in Tractate Sukkah, 112b, that ‘In the generation in which the son of David comes – the talmidei chacham (rabbis) are persecuted.’

“In this generation, the evidence of the persecution and the hatred against those who learn Torah can be seen. In the last few years in particular, we’ve seen that all the simanim (signs) [that are associated with the period of time when Moshiach is revealed] as set out in the Gemara have been fulfilled.

“We are expecting the coming of Moshiach at every moment, if it should be God’s will.”

These are the words of Rav Kanievsky.

Like the break of dawn

The article on Hidabroot continued:

“Rav Kanievsky explained that the geula will be like the breaking of the dawn. Although the sun starts to shine from the break of dawn, the eyes of the world can only really see it at sunrise. The same will be true of the geula.

“In this period of time, we find ourselves at the ‘break of dawn’ – the simanim of the geula are appearing slowly, one by one. But the geula will only be obvious, and seen by the eyes of everyone, when the daylight truly starts to shine.”

Translated from the Knishta Hadar Newsletter, #65. Click HERE to download it in the original Hebrew.

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