Rav Lior Glazer visits Rav Berland

Rav Lior Glazer with Rav Berland
Rav Lior Glazer with Rav Berland, in the Hadassah hospital hotel


Rav Lior Glazer is one of the leading lecturers for the Arachim kiruv (Jewish outreach) organisation, and has inspired many people to do teshuva with his inspiring, uplifting and well-known Torah shiurim (classes).

He recently spoke to the Breslev Information Line about his latest visit to Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, in the Hadassah Hospital Hotel.

“We’re still completely uplifted from it, it’s impossible to describe the spiritual inspiration, the holy environment,”

begins Rav Glazer. “The whole Hadassah Hotel in Ein Kerem is lit up by that [holy] environment, it’s like it’s floated up a few metres from off the ground.

Rav Glazer continues to describe his visit: “Rav Berland, shlita, was sitting in front of a table that was full of open seforim (holy books). He raised his eyes [to greet us], and we really saw the light of Hashem shining out of them.

Rav Lior Glazer in action

“Once, I had to go and give a shiur in Hadera, and I was really nervous that I could fall asleep behind the wheel, so I started playing one of the Rav’s Torah classes, where he was talking about learning Torah b’iyun (in-depth). For five minutes, the Rav was talking in a very high tone. In the car with us, there was a voice coach who told us that it was impossible [that someone could continue to speak at that tone uninterruptedly for five minutes.] We took a short break on the way, and when we came back to the car, the Rav was continuing to talk in the same impossibly-high tone.

“When we came to see the Rav today, there’s simply no words [to describe it]. You simply sit, listen, observe and enjoy it tremendously. It’s the highest of highs, something that it’s impossible to describe or imagine. What a feeling of happiness! What joy! So many of our Gedolei HaTorah (Torah giants) happily, but here you see a person who 24 hours a day is experiencing indescribable joy from learning Torah.”

Rav Glazer continues:

“The Rav is mamash an angel, he’s connecting everyone together.

“Even the security guards there are laughing and getting emotional about being next to him. If it was possible, we’d come [and visit him] with coachloads of people, but at the moment there are still constraints preventing us from bringing more people in.

“There were two people with us [on my visit] who didn’t manage to get in to see him. I thought when I left the Rav that they’d be really unhappy about it, but they told me: ‘Don’t worry about it, we felt the light radiating through the walls’. If you’d have told me that I was going to visit the most content person in the world, I still wouldn’t have expected to see someone who looked like Rav Berland, shlita. Even more so, when we know just how much suffering and illness the Rav has gone through.

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“It’s said that a person who doesn’t study Torah, can’t really know what the Torah truly is. I add to this that a person who hasn’t seen Rav Berland, really, they can’t understand who Rav Berland actually is.”

Rav Glazer concludes: “I can tell you truthfully, that until this day I was a big admirer [of the Rav], but despite listening to all his shiurim and his sermons, I’d never actually met Rav Berland. But until you actually see his face, you have no idea what people are really talking about.”

You can hear the full interview with Rav Lior Glazer by clicking HERE.

Rav Lior Glazer with Rav Berland at the Hadassah hospital hotel
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