Rav Yitzhak Meir Morgenstern: “My synagogue was destroyed because I didn’t do enough to defend Rav Berland”

The kabbalist Rav Yitzhak Meir Morgenstern, shlita


“I didn’t do enough to protest the disgrace and persecution of the Tzaddik Rav Berland.”


On Wednesday morning, (February 15, 2017) the Jerusalem Municipality took the unusual step of destroying the ‘Torat Chacham’ beit knesset of the kabbalist Rav Yitzhak Meir Morgenstern, shlita.

After the demolition, one of Rav Morgenstern’s senior students told the media that:

“The Rav was extremely pained when he walked around the [destroyed] beit Knesset this morning. He said that Heaven had decreed that this should happen, because he hadn’t done enough to protest the disgrace and persecution of the Tzaddik Rav Berland.”

Rav Morgenstern’s student continued:

“The Rav came back to this theme again and again, and was extremely pained by what had happened. He said again that because he hadn’t exerted himself to defend the honor of the Talmid Chacham, and hadn’t protested enough about everything that’s being done to that Tzaddik [Rav Berland] – that lead to the destruction and desecration of the synagogue.

“One of the people present responded to Rav Morgenstern that: ‘The Rav [Morgenstern] has already protested [about the treatment of Rav Berland] on many occasions, and put out a long, detailed statement about the [false] accusations!’ But Rav Morgenstern replied: “It wasn’t enough. Especially because people denied what I wrote, and didn’t publicize it to others.”

Rav Morgenstern later publicised a statement via Rav Mota Frank, urging the community to get the true story about the Tzaddik and Gaon Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, out to the wider public as quickly as possible.

The statement read:

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We are obligated to publicize to as many people as possible another two volumes of the book ‘flames of fire’*. Volume 2 should contain all the amazing stories about Rav Eliezer Berland’s life during all the days of his wanderings throughout his exile to the four corners of the world; and Volume 3 should contain all the amazing stories about him from the days when he was imprisoned…

“All this while he is enduring such a cruel persecution from the people of AN’SH in such a horrible cruel way that it’s impossible to believe that something like this is really happening…And he, [referring to Rav Berland], even in the middle of all this he just continues to do what he always does… to stay quiet, and remain silent, and to just accept everything that is happening with love, and with a smile! And to immerse himself in Torah, tefilla, mitzvot and good deeds. And everything with happiness, songs and dancing…

and Rav Morgenstern concludes…

“Ashrei, praiseworthy is he who will publicise these matters as quickly as possible, to as many people as possible!”

In keeping with Rav Morgenstern’s words, Shuvu Banim have almost completed the story of the Rav’s life, accomplishments and recent exile, which will be coming out shortly as the book: One in a Generation.

To read more about One in a Generation, and / or to donate to its printing costs, please click HERE.

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