Rav Pinchas Bunker reveals how Rav Berland’s persecutors operate

Rav Pinchas Bunker

Rav Pinchas Bunker explains some of the dirty tricks being used by the Rav’s main persecutors

Rabbi Pinchas Bunker is one of the more well-known Breslov mashpias (influential people), and until very recently, he was one of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s outspoken opponents. In what follows, he explains how he used to be one of those who went along with the Rav’s main opponents within the Breslov community, until he became profoundly disillusioned with them.

In the process, Rav Bunker reveals a whole panoply of threats, lies and violence that have been used liberally by Rabbi Berland’s opponents both against the Rav himself, and the Shuvu Banim community – and anyone else who happens to oppose them, or who tries to stand up to them.

He begins by explaining:

“The Rav’s persecutors are motivated by money, the urge to control others, and honor. They use bribes, lies, threats, extortion, informing against people, handing things over [to the authorities] and forgeries.”


This bombshell revelation from Rabbi Bunker starts to lay bare the system the Rav’s persecutors within Breslov have been using for many years, as part of their reign of terror.

Rav Bunker continues:

“We are going to eradicate the fire of this machloket (controversy and strife) from Breslov. They don’t have any ‘witnesses’, everything is just lies and inventions. They asked me on more than one occasion to help them invent things against Rav Berland, shlita.

“This whole machloket is because they didn’t want the baalei teshuva in Breslov. They don’t want to have chassidut in Breslov, they don’t want ovdei Hashem in Breslov.”

Rav Bunker continues:

“Usually, I don’t talk about things. But, we are obligated to eradicate this lesion. We have to rise up, everyone together, and to cry out it’s enough!! Stop!! Stop bringing that putrid smell here! Stop bringing all that black stuff!!

“All day long, they just scoff at people and pay bribes.

They told me openly that their shita (mode of operation) is to launch a court case against anyone who goes against them. The first thing [they do] is to perform a character assassination. This is the explicit words that E. Ch. told me.

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On a few occasions, I saw Y. Ch. And E.Ch. lie under oath, and then tell lies. Every second word they say is a lie or some ‘dirt’ about everyone else. There is no person who they haven’t spoken against them some lashon hara. They just continue to stir and to enlarge the machloket more and more.

“Leave us, and our souls alone! Go and argue between ourselves, and leave us alone! Stop sullying the name of Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman)! There is not a single person now in Breslov, from all the Rabbanim and the mashpi’im (influencers) who are sensible people, who haven’t had enough of your machloket.

“You are taking the biggest ovdei Hashem (servants of Hashem) in Breslov, and you are slandering them, and cursing them. It’s true, that I also got angry with a certain rabbi, but I sobered up, and as is already known, I had a dream from the Rebbe (Rebbe Nachman.)


“I pray for you every day, that you should make teshuva and get out of all this bad machloket.

Rabbenu already spoke of this, that we need to see the good points in other people.

“We are seeing this with the bachorim (young men). There is a big difference between now, and before the machloket. All the bachorim are now busy with politics and machloket, there is no ‘normal’ appearance now, in Breslov.


Everything they say about Shuvu Banim is lies and falsehoods, these are things that I clarified to their depth.

Even those who began this machloket admitted this to my face. They know that the reality is not the way that they have presented it, with all the things they invented.

Why didn’t the Beit Din come out with a ruling, already? Where did all the films that they said they had about Rav Berland disappear to?

After all, everyone knows that Rav Berland is a person who seeks out disgrace. I’m not scared to say this – they knew this about Rav Berland.

Now, they are fighting against me, because I called them meshugaim (crazy people).

They already did the same to a certain Rav who called them the Sitra Achra (dark side), they said, ‘now, we’re going to bury him!’ This is how they operate. Anyone who goes against them, they turn him into the Devil incarnate, and then they have all their hevra (buddies) to help them.

They have Z., who also told me a huge, crass lie. He told me that Ch. needed to speak with me about a matter of pikuach nefesh (saving a life). So I asked him, if it’s a real matter of pikuach nefesh, or if it’s just a matter of pikuach nefesh Shuvu Banim?

There was no pikuach nefesh, there was just their need to ‘bury’ a person, and they wanted to get some information out of me, because they didn’t have any information, and they wanted to try to heap up some lies. This is the whole way they operate, and I’m not frightened about them talking about me. I am going to reveal the whole truth.

I’m not talking about things that are hard to grasp, I’m just talking about the most simple and most correct truth there is.


Stop persecuting the baalei teshuvas.

Stop persecuting the ovdei Hashem. Stop persecuting holy Breslov communities. Stop persecuting everyone who doesn’t think exactly the same way you do. Breslov is way bigger than you are. The Rebbe is much bigger than you are.

Your Breslov is a world of tohu (confusion and destruction). It’s a Breslov that doesn’t even exist. It’s a Breslov that’s built on hatred, a Breslov of distancing people, and of machloket. These are people who persecuted all the gedolei Breslov (Breslov leaders) who wanted to give some satisfaction to the Rebbe.


They are motivated by money, controlling others, and honor.

They said about you that you are the Sitra Achra because all day long, you just sit and talk lashon hara. I pray that we will make teshuva, and that we will cry out Enough!! We want the Rebbe!

They use bribes, lies, threats, extortion, informing against people. They recounted a few times, how they went to the police. And not just about the Rav Berland. They have no problem with handing things over [to the authorities] against anyone who goes against them. They have no problem with bribery and lies, and forgeries.

As much as we try to cry out against them, they just shout even louder. But the voice of kedusha (holiness) will win out, and the good ‘smell’ of the Rebbe will return. Achdut (unity) will return to Breslov, and normalcy, and the meshugaim will leave Breslov.”


Listen to Rav Bunkers words (in Hebrew):

The truth behind Channel 13’s lies – Part I

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