The calamities will only occur in 200 years

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Gog and Magog will only happen in another 200 years

Excerpt of a shiur given over by Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, on Motzash, the 23rd of Kislev, 5779 (December 8th, 2018)

The calamities will only take place in another 200 years, not now.

[Someone in the audience responded that Moshiach was coming now. Rabbi Berland replied:]

Moshiach will come without anyone dying.

If people don’t do teshuva before the next 200 years, that’s before the end of the 6th millennia – now we’re in 5779. In another 221 years, that will be the end of the 6000.

So, 28 years beforehand. Why 28 years? Because every hour of Hashem is 41 years and 8 months.

If you divide 1000 years, (which is considered to be one ‘day’ for Hashem) into 24 hours, so 500 divided by 12, each hour is 41 and 2/3 years. Every third is 14 years (or to be more precise, 13.8 years).

So a third of 42 is 14. It’s written:

‘Two thirds before the end of the 6th millennia, then there will be awful calamities, and the world will be destroyed.

This is 28 years before the end of the 6th millennia, like kabbalat Shabbat, which is 40 minutes – 2/3 of an hour. [At] 40 minutes [before sunset], Shabbat candles are kindled in Jerusalem. So, also with the world – 40 minutes [before the end], which is 2/3 of an hour, and an hour is 42 years. So, 28 years before the end of the world.

And so, this will be in another 200 years.

And then, there will be the most blood-drenched world war – that’s what is written in the Midrashic compendiums. In the Midrashim, it’s written that:

In the days that the Moshiach comes, there will be a terrible war. People will be chopped and sliced into bits, because everybody will have done so very many transgressions, that it’s impossible to atone for them any other way.

It’s written that in the war of Gog and Magog all the mountains will totter and melt.

All the mountains will collapse, the big mountains! They will collapse because of all the explosions. All of the mountains!

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But, whoever is with Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov), and whoever will do an hour a day of hitbodedut (talking to Hashem in your own words), and whoever comes to pray together with the Rav – so they have nothing to fear.

Not him, and not his children, and not the children of his children, all of his grandkids.

It’s written, that Hashem will bring all the 10 plagues, but this will be on the goyim (the non-Jewish nations), not on the Jews.

It will only be on the non-Jewish nations. We have nothing to be afraid of! These things are only going to occur in another 200 years.

[Someone from the audience commented: Chas v’shalom, that this will only be in another 200 years! This should only apply to the hard things! The Rav replied:]

The good things will happen now. All of the good things will start to happen now.

Translated from the Shivivei Or Newsletter #95

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