WATCH: Rav Berland’s First Ascent to Kotel After Two Years

Rav Berland at Kotel

After a two year absence, our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a arrived at the Kotel (the Western Wall), the place of our Holy Temple.

After a lengthy period of suffering and hardship in which he was prevented from ascending, the Rav shlit”a came to the Kotel at Chatzot (halachic midnight), the night of 23 Tevet 5782, escorted by his family and descendants, tore his clothes as decreed by Jewish law, and afterwards chanted along with the community chapters of Tehilim and holy songs with awesome arousal.

In the end, the Rav descended to the Kotel Plaza and prayed opposite the remnants of the stones of the Holy Temple at the Kotel.

In the video, the Rav shlit”a is seen on the roof of the Aish HaTorah Yeshiva in the Old City.

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