We need to do things together with the Tzaddik

True Tzaddik in Uman

We need the True Tzaddik to get anywhere, spiritually

A shiur that was given over Wednesday night of Parshat Ki Tetzae, (August 22, 2018), after the morning prayers.

It’s impossible to achieve any spiritual level at all, except by following the path of the Tzaddik HaEmet (the True Tzaddik).

Everything that a person tries to do without the tzaddik – it’s written on page 22 of Ki Tisa – is akin to acting like a magician, a sorcerer and like a Cuthite. A person is called a goy, a sorcerer when he tries to do things without the Tzaddik.

When he’s without the Tzaddik, he’s just operating with his own natural abilities. A person comes to this world in order to have free choice, and to choose good.

But it’s impossible to merit achieving this [i.e. choosing good] unless he comes closer to the True Tzaddik.

And this is the secret, why everyone travels to Uman: it’s in order to receive a new level of bechirah (ability to choose). To be able to only choose good.

From the moment a person even just gets to Uman, his mind is already being completely cleansed. He no longer has any bad thoughts, and he will merit to see Hashem face-to-face, and to see the geula shleima (full redemption).


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