How to be rescued from the decree of destruction

The Way to be Saved from the Decree of Destruction

Over the last week, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, has made many references to an impending and terrible decree of destruction, that he can see looming ahead.

Over the last years and months, Rabbi Berland, shlita, has made many references to the threat from Iran, and the threat from the other groups, terrorists, and enemies on Israel’s borders, and around the world.

Last week, Rabbi Berland made the following statement, as part of the new batch of prayers in connection with a new schedule of learning that he’s asking his followers to learn, for the success of the Jewish people:

In that prayer, Rabbi Berland said:

“We must study five chapters of Rambam, and eight pages of Gemara, because there is going to be a terrible holocaustand whoever holds by this holy learning schedule will be saved.

Many people have already taken it upon themselves to commit to this schedule of learning, and challenging as it may seem, we urge as many of our readers as possible to make every effort to try to follow this learning schedule, too.

Rabbi Berland said that a siyum would be held on Shas (which can be completed within a year, if 8 pages are learned a day, as opposed to the single daf yomi, which takes seven years as a it learns a page a day) and also the Rambam, on the yahrtzeit of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov on Succot next year, 5781.



Below, we bring the original prayer containing Rabbi Berland’s dire warning, and also his blessing for as many people as possible to avert the harsh decrees via their learning:

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  1. En Français
    Comment être sauvé du décret de destruction

    Le moyen d’être sauvé du décret de destruction
    Au cours de la semaine écoulée, le rabbin Eliezer Berland, shlita, a fait de nombreuses références à un décret de destruction imminent et terrible, qu’il pourrait se produire.

    Au cours des dernières années et mois, le rabbin Berland, shlita, a fait de nombreuses références à la menace iranienne et à la menace émanant d’autres groupes, terroristes et ennemis aux frontières d’Israël et du monde entier.

    La semaine dernière, le Rav Berland a fait la déclaration suivante dans le cadre de la nouvelle série de prières concernant le nouvel horaire d’apprentissage qu’il demande à ses fidèles d’apprendre, pour le succès du peuple juif:

    Dans cette prière, le Rav Berland a dit:

    “Nous devons étudier cinq chapitres de Rambam et huit pages de Gemara, car un holocauste terrible s’annonce et tous ceux qui respectent ce calendrier d’apprentissage sacré seront sauvés.”

    De nombreuses personnes ont déjà décidé de s’engager dans ce calendrier d’apprentissage, et même si cela peut paraître difficile, nous exhortons le plus grand nombre de nos lecteurs à faire tout leur possible pour suivre ce calendrier d’apprentissage.

    Le Rav Berland a déclaré qu’un siyum aurait lieu sur le Shas (qui peut être achevé en un an, si 8 pages sont apprises par jour, par opposition au daf yomi, qui dure sept ans, et qui apprend une page par jour) et aussi le Rambam, le jour du yahrtzeit de Rebbe Nachman de Breslov à Succot l’année prochaine, 5781.

  2. Please help me understand.
    In March, the Rav said that war is coming in Cheshvan.
    Then, over the summer, he said “no war for 200 years”.
    Now, it’s back in Cheshvan. Forget waiting 200 years.

    What’s going on? What can we believe? I trust that none of this is wrong. So, is it even worth reading any of this or listening to the Rav at all since it is obviously so far above my understanding that nothing he says is ever pshat?

    • The only way to get clarity is to speak to Hashem in your own words, for an hour a day, as prescribed by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and to ask Hashem to give it to you.

      • In the Whatsapp group (advertised on this site), someone suggested the following. Is this the right way to look at it?

        The Rav says that there will be another shoah in 200 years. This is consistent with what the he has been saying for the last half year. But, he also said war in Cheshvan, and he is warning of war on Tuesday, and seemingly also in the near future, hence the learning seder.
        So, I’m thinking there are three things in play here:
        1. nukes on tuesday. Segula: BeHaB.
        2. big bad war coming very soon. Segula: learning seder.
        3. Shoah in 200 years. Segula: probably to be revealed to that generation.

  3. Shalom, thanks for all of your hard work. Do you mind enlarging the yellow tefilah above as I cannot see it and am not sure how to enlarge it. Thanks and blessings…May we have Geulah brachamim!!!!!

  4. I can say the words but I won’t be able to learn and understand so much everyday will that also be good ?? or i have to understand everything I learn that it should be counted ?


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