A prayer to say before placing the mourning ashes at Tikkun Chatzot

Prayer before Tikkun Chatzot

Tikkun Chatzot: A prayer to say before placing the mourning ashes

By Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita

Master of the Universe, allow me to merit crying and being able to say Tikkun Chatzot [the Midnight Rectification] with a great many tears over the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash and the burning of the House of Elokim.

And may this dust [the mourning ashes) that is brought for Par [280] Dinim [judgements] that I am entrenched in, which (happen to be) all of the bad lusts that I have sank into day and night instead of studying (Your) Torah day and night, which is the secret of Gan Eden, be for a sweetening.

Yomam [Day]              96                               Gan [Garden of] 53

Valayla [And night]    81                               Eden                    124

177                                                         177

It is then at midnight that Hakadosh Baruch Hu enters into Gan Eden which is created by studying Torah for its namesake.

And by means of the dust which is previously placed upon the forehead, the Par [280] Dinim [judgements] are sweetened.  These are all of the lusts that I have stumbled upon during the course of the day.

And by this shall we all merit to participate together with Hakadosh Baruch Hu in Gan Eden that same night.  And then we shall merit pulling (down) a chord of grace for the entire day, which is the Torah for its namesake.

This is just like Rabbeinu has written in the Torah ג’)) that all who arise at midnight shall merit to study Gemarah as well as Torah for its namesake, along with the melodic sound (coming) from the two Keruvim [cherubs], which is the secret of the two moshiach’s: Moshiach ben [the son of] Yosef and Moshiach ben [the son of] David.

2 + gimatriya and Torah for its namesake:

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Vetorah [And Torah]              617

Lishma  [For its namesake]     375



Moshiach                     358                  Moshiach                     358

Ben [the son of]          52                    Ben [the son of]          52

Yosef                            156                  David                          14

566                                                      424

566 + 424 +2 (Moshiach’s) = 992

Please, All Merciful and Compassionate One, by merit of the dust which I am about to now place upon my forehead, abolish from me, “And the forehead of a prostitute woman; you refuse to be ashamed.”

And (from now on) I will no longer stare at other women in the world nor at any other girl at all.

And by means of the Tikkun Chatzot [Midnight Rectification] that I am now going to say, shall all the Par [280] Dinim [judgements] be sweetened by me forever and ever.

And I shall merit by merit of the dust and  merit of the Tikun Chatzot [Midnight Tikun] to study Torah for its namesake.  And by means of this I will merit to be included amongst the two moshiach’s, Moshicah ben [the son of] Yosef and Moshiach ben [the son of] David.

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