Prayer to overcome foreign thoughts during prayer

Rabbi Berland’s Prayer To Overcome Foreign Thoughts During Prayer

The following is translated from Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s compendium of prayers in the Refuah Shleimah booklet. To get the prayer in the original Hebrew, you can buy the booklet HERE.


Master of the world, who can do anything and from whom nothing is withheld, grant me the merit to pour out my heart like water before You.

And arise in my support, and place into my heart understanding and knowledge and advice and strength and holiness, that I may merit to overcome through prayer in each and every place and in each and every letter, and especially in [the Shemona Esreh prayer] ‘heal us’.

And through this, draw down healing for me and for all the members of my household and for all Your nation Israel, and heal my leg in the blink (305) of an eye (130) in the merit of the Tzadik (209) the foundation (80) of the world (146) = 435.

And through this may I love you with a love (13) without (42) limits (280) = 435.

And may I merit to overcome all of my foreign thoughts during prayer, and to raise them up to the source of their hewing and their roots, and to return them to holiness.

And have mercy on me and save me always that my prayers will be pure, clear and clean and without any waste matter at all, and without any foreign thoughts, and may I merit the purest of pure lights, and in the merit of this all the blood that is flowing in me will be pure as snow, and there will be no murkiness in them at all.

And may I merit that there will be imbued in me the soul of Moshiach (358) the son of (52) David (24) + 1 = 435, who will build the Beit HaMikdash speedily in our days, in the blink of an eye.

Amen, Netzach, Selah, Va’ed.


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