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Notes from today’s webinar (thanks to D.C. from Chicago)

The pandemic is over. Numbers have peaked and are heading down!

There are still people dying from other complications. This will also end.

Testing results take up to 5 days to 2 weeks to get back. We’ll see in retrospect that it ended Erev Pesach like the Rav said.

In Israel…..it’s tampering off, we see already.

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People in critical condition of virus before Pesach are dying, but others are recovering even elders with underlying conditions.

Hospitalization rate is down, new ICU admissions are down.

The Rav was moved to prison in Tzalmon in the Galil. He is happy there, he can give classes, he was given a phone.

He spoke about this months ago that he’s waiting for this to learn and teach without distraction.

There are also spiritual reasons for the Rav to be in prison. They even said the wardens and guards of these prisons are making teshuva. And all the prisoners as well. The Rav is changing the place, fixing everyone.

the Rav is also FIXING alot of spiritual things as he is in prison.

Hashem makes decrees and the Tzadik can CANCEL the decree (gemara).

The gemara says that a tzaddik is greater than a profit because a prophet sees but a tzaddik can change it.

The Autistic talk and IS true, BUT they see things from heaven…as they ARE, but…..through FC they talk but decrees are being canceled by a Tzadik.

Kabalists talk and see the truth but the tzaddik cancels.

The Milkman – Mekubal (died 1 year ago)….said that one tzadik is canceling the decrees…..

Rav Dovid Chaim Stern same thing.

Mashiach will come after global suffering….but the suffering can be removed by a Tzadik of the Generation – Mashiach himself will take on suffering .

China…..virus…..Rav is working to cancel the worldwide decree of the virus. fighting while in prison. sets the stage for the FULL REDEMPTION.

People get discouraged because it takes time, it is a PROCESS. We are still in exile. Redemption is a process.

Riding on a donkey…..= slow ……slow process.

the process is in fact, moving along quickly.

The Idea of a Tzadik in prison. . . .

Moshe…was in Midian in prison for 10 years before going to Egypt. “WHAT?? a criminal is going redeem us???” they said.

Yosef was also in prison. MANY tzaddikim have been in prison and NEED to experience that.

Also Rabbi Natan

The entrance to Rome = prison.

how is this beneficial to bringing Mashiach.

Esther Queen…..locked inside Kings palace palace = like prison.

Egyptian. Rome, greek, persian…….all powers that were physical exile. The source is always spiritual. ………

the way it works…..the throat, the inside of the evil force….(the prisons, the exiles, ) when the Tzaddik sits at the throat, the force of evil, .
The forces of evil vomit out the sparks of purity. Jewish people in there

these powerful nations….

the bottom of stomach…..vomitted. this is how the last sparks come out of exile together with the tzaddik coming out of prison.

Erev Rav….5 levels……purpose to cause trouble. FULL REDEMPTION comes when erev rav is completely GONE.

Moshe was the one who let the Erev Rav in….in the first place. the Erev Rav has always held the Redemption back. The solution = Moshe has to sit in prison, be held back BY the Erev Rav

If the Rav doesn’t fight this, then many more rabbinim will be hurt. TODAY…the Erev Rav is holding back Jewish religious life. .closing minyan, mikvot, schools, etc.

Erev Rav is within police, justice system, in government in Israel. etc.

Bnei Brak is CLOSED UP completely by the Erev Rav. Bnei Brak is 100% haradi.
DEEP hatred is coming out…..Erev Rav is beating people of Bnei Brak. Horrible. like pictures from the Holocaust. beating them.

example: buying matzah for pesach…police said NO ONE can leave their house, only essentials. they said that Matzah is not essential. !!!

example: there is a list of what you CAN do …..what is allowable.
Demonstrations and excersize are OK…according to police. but to PRAY…..NO!

all kinds of praying situations , the police have broken them up and beat the religious jews. this is all predicted.

Seder night….police were in Bnei Brak…..and of course, the Media were there as well…..people came out of houses to offer police food and invite to come in for seder. Police were singing!! and hearts were changing.

Final war is not a war of guns,
its a spiritual war. The front lines is the tzaddik…(like King David – in the front)….hoping very soon that the evil will be vomited out….and they will have no more strength left. and will be gone.
Not EVERYONE in the government is Erev Rav . GD forbid.

Rabbi Y.Berg is bringing out some sources. …..

………the GRA says that MBY does NOT have to be just ONE PERSON….

Redemption will come from the Galil.

Rav Berland was just moved to a prison in the Galil.

Fear: of 5G and other things………people scared.

JUST DO what is right spiritually. you will be OK.

a series of disasters will come BUT will be less powerful because Rav is sweetening.

The virus…..LESS deaths now. The Chevra Kadisha is saying less people to bury now.

The virus is changing people. Seder was TRUTHFUL this year. no cruises and vacations for Pesach. it was REAL this year. The virus closed things, more time to think, to be with family. THE WORLD has SHIFTED……the world will not be the same.
The WORLD WAS CLEANSED in a certain way!!!

NOW, people MAY be able to SEE more clearly. To grasp the idea of redemption. the point of the virus and next disasters coming….is to SHAKE us up… and really appreciate the Redemption when it is REALLY 100% here.

the whole point of Mashiach is to serve Hashem with out things in the way.

Mashiach will give you a connection to Hashem.

To prepare us to the idea of Mashiach.
When? we do not know…..but everything is leading us up to the idea of Mashiach.

Noach was in the Ark,,,,,like prison. !!! difficult for him to deal with all those animals……to what? to free the world…..the world was different when it was over with 1 year, but he had to go through it.

Shimon bar Yochai…..13 years ……in cave. wrote the Zohar, locked up “in prison like” suffering ….to get to the Zohar. a lot of suffering.

Esther Queen story , Yael story,

Redemption story…..Moshe’s stick=snake=back to stick.

“Entrance to Rome” is prison…..

all these things are FIXING the world….
from the first sin of Adam haRishon, to the last sin…..need to be FIXED.

To free the Shechina …..have to go down to FIX and FREE.

King Shlomo…..1000 wives who were witches….he was MBD…..he was trying to fix the evil at its source by marrying these women.

Yosef HaTzaddik….

all the events that are happening NOW are leading us to the Redemption. Tzaddikim are trying to change things, and sweeten.

Rabbi Pinto JUST SAID…..another bad global thing, a big rabbi will die and MBD will come. BUT THESE THINGS may not happen as he said, because things can change. Rabbi Pinto has clear sight.


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