Yahrzeit Celebration of Rabbi Natan of Breslov with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a — All the Details

The Hilulah of Moreinu Rabbi Natan of Breslov and seudat hodaya (meal of gratitude) for the first anniversary of the miracle of the release of our Rebbe Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a

People connected to the Rav and Shuvu Banim from all of Israel along with all the Jewish people are invited to the Yahrzeit celebration of Moreinu Rabbi Natan of Breslov zya”a, the primary talmid and disciple of the Light of Lights, Rabbeinu Nachman of Breslov zya”a, which will be celebrated together with the seudat hodaya for the first anniversary of the miracle of the release of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a.

The Hilulah will take place this Monday night, the night of 10 Tevet in one of the large event halls in Jerusalem with the participation of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a.

To merit to take part in the expenses of the seudat Hilulah and seudat Hodaya by direct donation, click here

Schedule of events:

7:00 pm — Maariv prayer on the night of the Hilulah in the courtyard of our Prayer Hall on Rechov Ido HaNavi together with our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a

8:30 pm — Netilat Yadaim for the Yahrzeit meal combined with the Seudat Hodaya

9:30 pm — The main event with Rav Berland shlit”a

Women’s section on site

Entrance is free

By instructions of the Rabbis of the community, the public is requested to donate for the considerable expenses of United Hasidei Breslov Shuvu Banim a minimum of 50 NIS per person. But certainly the more one donates to offset expenses of tens of thousands shekels the more merit they receive. It’s possible to donate by direct donation, or at the stands at the Hilulah, or by way of the Breslov information line — *9148

Exact details about the location of the events hall will be announced tomorrow (Monday) on the Breslov Information line *9148, and on the English hotline 02-301-1995.

“In Breslov burns a fire…”

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