5779: The year in review

So much got sweetened, in 5779

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, 5780, I thought I’d just take a broad look back over the last 12 months, because believe it or not, there’s been a lot of tremendous spiritual progress made this year.

It’s hard to ‘catch’, because we live in this instant generation where even massive, ground-shaking announcements fade away in a nanosecond, pushed off the top of the feed by the next tweet, the latest gossip, another stupid headline. That’s why sometimes, we have to pause, look behind us, and consolidate all that information into something tangible.

And BH, that’s what I hope this post will do. You can click on the links to see more of the stories in situ on this site, but what’s clear is that we started the year in a very dark, deep place, spiritually, with Rabbi Berland talking about warships, nukes and nations coming to apparently try to ‘invade’ Eretz Yisrael.

But from Pesach time onwards, the dawn seems to have finally broken, and the light has been growing stronger ever since.

It seems to me, so much is being sweetened, and that’s becoming increasingly obvious, at least where I sit. But make your own mind up.

Let’s begin back at the end of August, 2018, and then see how the year played out from there. Everything below that’s unattributed is a direct quote from Rabbi Berland, unless otherwise stated.


August 7, 2018:

The US reimposes tough sanctions on Iran, after President Trump pulls out of the nuclear deal agreed by the Obama administration, on May 8, 2018, and demands Iran pulls out of Syria and stops its nuclear program on May 21, 2018.

August 8, 2018:

8 rockets are fired into Israel from Gaza.

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August 14, 2018:

In a shiur, Rabbi Berland says:

“Whoever goes to Shimon HaTzaddik, all of his sins are immediately atoned for. All our sins give life to the murderers… All of our sins, without the Tzaddik, create a nuclear bomb. When a person learns [Torah] without the Tzaddik, or prayers without the Tzaddik, it all goes to the klipot (the side of evil).

And this creates an atomic weapon.

This Torah [without the Tzaddik] creates nuclear bombs. A nuclear bomb is not the radioactive core in Dimona. Every mitzvah that a person does in chutz l’aretz without the Tzaddik, this goes to the side of evil. It goes to the sitra achra, it doesn’t ascend, spiritually, at all.

When a person does a mitzvah in chutz l’aretz without [connecting to] the Tzaddik, he just gives strengths to the klipot. A person needs to learn Torah with the Tzaddik, and to pray with the Tzaddik.

The Tzaddik will destroy the sitra achra, as though it never even existed.”


August 17, 2018:

Rabbi Berland says:

“The whole business is about water. The whole world is going to come and fight with Am Yisrael only because of the water.

Suddenly, a whirlwind will come down from Shemayim (the heavens), and everyone will come to fight against Israel. Everyone! The whole sea will be filled with ships, there will be ships until Gaza. The whole place will be filled with ships – warships. Warships with 50,000 men.

And then, the sea will split. We will have a new krait yam suf (splitting of the Red Sea).

And everyone will be drowned in the Red Sea. Everyone. All the ships. “And Hashem will return you from Egypt with boats.”

Hashem is going to bring us all back on boats.

“The same way you see Mitzrayim today, you won’t see them ever again.” (Shemot 14:13)

Today, it’s forbidden to go down to Mitzrayim (Egypt). No-one should travel to Mitzrayim any more, and not to New York, and not to any other place, either.”


August 19, 2018:

Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt embark on a tour of the Middle East tour to build support for the yet-to-be-announced Israeli-Palestinian “peace plan”.


August 26, 2018:

Rabbi Berland:

“Now, on Rosh Hashana, the heels of Leah are being entered into the crown of Rachel…. And then, we will have the geula.”


August 27, 2018:

Rabbi Berland says:

“Even today, they launched 500 rockets – missiles – and we didn’t do anything back to them in return. So what sort of army is this? They are deaf and mute. They fired 500 rockets at us in one week – missiles.

Even now, when we are in Eretz Yisrael, it’s impossible to “go out to war”.

It’s impossible! You first have to receive permission from America. You need to get a permit for every single bullet fired, it needs to be signed off by the Congress, and by the White House. Every single bullet requires five different signatures – signature after signature after signature after signature after signature.”


September 6, 2018

Rabbi Berland says:

“Now, we are going to build the Beit HaShlishi (Third Temple). Now, on motzae Yom Kippur, all of us need to see a Beit HaMikdash of fire. If, God forbid, Moshiach doesn’t come this, on motzae chag, the first motzae yom tov, then we’ll need to wait another seven years. This will be mamash a catastrophe!”



Rabbi Berland is accompanied into Uman with full honors by the Ukrainian Police, who detailed a special group of security personnel to keep the Rav safe from the crush of thousands of people who wanted to see him, and come a little closer to the Tzaddik of the generation.

Rabbi Shalom Arush is publically reunited with Rabbi Berland at Rabbi Nachman’s Grave.

The people persecuting Rabbi Berland get up and leave the Kloiz during prayers in protest at the honor he is given by the rest of the communit (no-one misses them…)


September 9, 2018

The Knishta Chada newsletter receives a message from a hidden Tzaddik that:

“[T]hat there is a hakpada (strict judgment) now in shemayim (Heaven) because we stopped talking about this subject [i.e. about Rabbi Berland being a potential hezkat Moshiach]

“This tzaddik brought us a midrash about Moshiach that he claims describes exactly Rav Berland, shlita.

The midrash in question is called Pirkei HeiChalot Rabbati, by Rabbi Ishmael the Kohen HaGadol. There, in Chapter 33, Rabbi Ishmael asks: What are the identifying signs of Melech HaMoshiach?

The angel Matat and the angel Michael answer him: The generation in which Moshiach will be revealed is “a poor generation, that doesn’t have any merit except to stand and make criticisms against them [i.e. against Moshiach and his people]. And they disgrace them and degrade them in the marketplaces, and in the streets, and they say things about him that the ear shouldn’t even hear.”

In the first year that he [i.e. Moshiach] is imprisoned, they made announcements about him in every city in Israel. And they brought against him [i.e. Moshiach] big Torah personalities, and people with a lot of money. They put fetters on him, and they destroyed his image, as it says in Isaiah: ‘his appearance is too damaged to be a man’s’.”

 “And Hashem stands and He Himself takes Moshiach out of prison, as it says in Habbakuk 3:13: ‘You went out to save your people’. And it’s written in Kohelet 4:14: ‘From prison he [i.e. Moshiach] came out to rule, but when he came out of prison and he saw all of the warriors / fighters who were gathered against him, he was shaken, and said: ‘who can stand against all these warriors?!’

“At that time, the warriors from Israel are gathered together (i.e. the warriors from the side of good). They come to Bavel (Babylon) and request rachamim (mercy) and all of Israel disgrace and mock them [i.e. the good guys]. At that time, Israel returns to their original stance of disgracing the Moshiach, and they say: ‘Woe to us, that we erred by following this meshuggah (crazy person)! Hashem says to them: ‘You’re calling him a meshuggah?! Now you’ll see the light that encircles him! As it says in Tehillim 50:3: ‘And his surroundings are exceedingly turbulent.’

(Hashem continues): “And all who believe in him will not be erased from the book of life.” As is says in Daniel 12:1: ‘At that time, your people will escape.’[1]

So says the midrash of Rabbi Ishmael.

“The Tzaddik continued: Look in there and you’ll understand, because all of this midrash is speaking of Moranu HaRav Berland, shlita.”


September 26, 2018

Rav Kanievsky and Rav Berland

Hidabroot publishes the following letter from Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, shlita:

“Moshiach chai (Moshiach is alive) and is amongst us today. The geula (redemption) is ready, and prepared.”

 “We are expecting the coming of Moshiach at every moment, if it should be God’s will.”


September 20, 2018:

Rabbi Berland says:

“We need to have a little patience.

We need to see the miracles. Look, all the time Iran wants to destroy us, and there are two billion Arabs all around us, and another billion notzrim, and another two billion idol-worshippers – all scorpions and snakes! And they are all around us.

And all together, there are only 100,000 people who are keeping Shabbat according to the halacha, because what is Hashem really asking from us? That we should keep Shabbat, that we shouldn’t watch TV, that we should keep kosher.

Just now, we had Yom Kippur, we received the luchot, the tablets, anew. Don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t kill. This is what Hashem is really asking of us.”


October 7, 2018:

Terrorists kill Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi, in the Barkan Industrial Park. Tensions within Israel start to rise.


Rav Berland Breslov Shul

October 20, 2018

Rav Berland returns to the Breslov shul in Meah Shearim for the first time in years, the ‘hub’ of the Rav’s main persecutors within Breslov.


October 23, 2018

Rabbi Berland says:

“Every nation wants to conquer Eretz Yisrael. There is a tradition amongst the nations that whoever conquers Eretz Yisrael, and whoever conquers Jerusalem, they will rule the whole world.

Napoleon wanted to conquer Eretz Yisrael, and to conquer Jerusalem, and if he’d managed to do it, then no trace of the world would have remained.

Every time you come to Jerusalem, you need to pray by the Shaarei HaRachamim, where Moshiach is going to enter from. There is a tradition that Moshiach is going to come from the Shaarei HaRachamim.”


November 11, 2018:

Rocket attacks from Gaza begin again, with 17 rockets fired at Israel. The Iron Dome only intercepts 3 of them.


November 24, 2018:

Rabbi Berland gives over an awesome shiur describing the End of Days:

“The connection between Moshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben David is now, 17th Kislev…

[E]very action the Tzaddik makes, every word the Tzaddik says, everything he thinks, it’s all according to the word of Hashem…Wherever the Tzaddik goes, it’s only down to the word of Hashem!

So, the Rebbe says that the whole work of a person is to know that Moshiach needs to come at every second. [In Chayei Moharan, 275 it says] “Moshiach could come at any second. But: Know that Moshiach needs to die.”

This is haval (unfortunate)! I’m sorry that I’m telling you this, I know this is very hard to hear. But what can we do? We have to tell the truth: Moshiach is going to die.

The Rambam says: The Moshiach will die, and his son will die. The son who rules under him, and the son of his son. After this, it’ll be the son of his son. This thing is already referred to in the Nevi’im, the prophecies, it’s already hinted to in the words of the prophets:

….Moshiach is already going to be at the peak of shleimut (completeness), and unique in such a way that there is no other completeness after him. He will be clean from all the lusts, and this will be what will propel him to bring the shleimut (completeness) [to the rest of the world], and nothing else except this completeness will motivate him.

Only if he wishes it, a person will achieve the name of ‘being free from all lusts’, which is essentially the middot tovot, or good characteristics.

We have to get a grip on the yetzer hara. Even then, [in the time when Moshiach is revealed], there will be a yetzer hara, but not the same yetzer hara that we have today, which incites a person to do transgressions, mamash, and which makes things so difficult for us…”


December 2, 2018:

Rabbi Berland announces another prayer gathering to take place in Hevron, on Zot Chanuka, 5779.

“The Rav is asking everyone to please come to the prayer gathering, because this thing is extremely important to me. The Rav is currently in life-threatening danger, so everyone has an obligation to come to the gathering, without any exceptions. From all the classes, from all the different groups of people, chilonim, religious people, kipot srugot (knitted kippas, i.e. National Religious), black kippas – it doesn’t matter how they dress.

“Everyone is obliged to come to the gathering that is taking place for the hatzlacha (success) of Am Yisrael, and in order to prevent a new intifada. That they shouldn’t fire more rockets at the South, or at the North, and that no more Jews should be injured, until Moshiach ben David will come and rectify everything.”

The Rav stressed in his conversations that the main point of the gathering is to stop a war from breaking out in Israel’s south, and also in Israel’s north.


December 4th, 2018

IDF begins Operation Northern Shield, to blow up tunnels being dug into Israel by the Hezbollah, in the North of the country.

Rabbi Berland continues to urge people to attend the Prayer Gathering in Hevron on Zot Chanuka, saying:

 “This matter is very close to my heart. I am life-threatening danger, mamash.


December 7, 2018:

Rabbi Berland puts out a frightening message that the whole of Israel is under threat:

 “The whole of Am Yisrael is currently facing a terrible, threatening situation.

Every part of Israel is now under threat of being deluged with rockets. After we saw 400 rockets falling on Ashkelon and the surrounding cities, including Beer Sheva, Netivot, Ofakim and Sderot, now they are preparing thousands and thousands of rockets, which will reach to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

And we have no possibility of stopping this from happening, because the whole world is against us. They can launch 10,000 missiles, and if we fire back even just one, they will say that we are the aggressors, and they are the victims.”

“We have no [military] might, we only have the power of tehillim (psalms). All of the State of Israel’s efforts to stop the missiles of Hezbollah and Hamas ended in failure. Every day, we are threatened with thousands of new rockets. They can reach any target precisely…

“Am Israel is in the greatest danger, mamash, and our only possibility of coming through this lies in our mouths: “The voice is the voice of Yaakov, and the hands are the hands of Esav.” (Bereishit, 27:22).

“We are now, mamash, at the final moments that we can stay in Eretz Yisrael, in the State of Israel, because the goal of the Arabs is to destroy everyone here.

So, we need to really urge people to attend this Prayer Gathering, so that almost 50,000 thousand people will come.

“Only tehillim can stop the tillim – not the IDF, not weapons, not tanks, not Patriot missiles, no Iron Dome – none of these things can stop the missiles.

Only the tehillim that we will say at this Prayer Gathering can stop the missiles.”


December 9, 2018:


Thousands of people show up, together with thousands more participating via live hook-up online. But the gathering falls short of the 50,000 required. Rabbi Berland announces at the end of the evening that another gathering will be required for Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5778.


December 10, 2018:

Another round of terror begins in Israel, with bystanders at a bus stop in the Shomron being gunned down by terrorists, causing many people to be injured and Shira Ish-Ran to lose her unborn baby.

More attacks occur over the next few days, culminating in the shooting death of 2 IDF soldiers at a bus stop near Bet El, including Yosef Cohen, the step-son of Shuvu Banim Rabbi, Rabbi Eliyahu Meirav, on December 13th.

Rabbi Berland states Yosef Cohen was atoning for the generation, the wave of terror abates immediately afterwards, with no more attacks for two months.

December 13, 2018:

Rav Matityahu Glazeron releases a video connecting ‘Eliezer Berland’ to ‘spark of Moshiach’ in the Torah codes.

Firstly, Rav Glazerson explained how the words “ניצוץ משיח” – the ‘spark of Moshiach’ comes to 604, in gematria. Next, he shows how the words “אליעזר ברלנד” – Eliezer Berland – also comes to 604, in gematria. The following phrases also add up to the same gematria of 604:

(This is he, Moshiach Ben Yosef and Moshiach ben David): ‘זהו משיח בן יוסף ודוד’ – 604

Rav Glazerson then shows how all of this is connected to the passage from Bereishit, (49:1) Asher yikra etchem (what will befall you). These three words taken together, plus the kollel[2] makes ‘תשע”ו – the Hebrew date of 5776, which Rav Glazerson reminds is the year when Rav Berland has consistently told us the geula process actually began in earnest.

Rav Glazerson explained:

“In truth, we found the name ברלנד – ‘Berland’, next to the words ‘Ben Yosef’ and nitzotz (spark). And all this only appears one time, next to the word ‘Ephraim’. It’s known that the Moshiach ben Yosef comes from the tribe of Ephraim. We also found the words, ben shmonim shana – ‘he was 80 years old’, which is Rav Berland’s age…

“And this is the verse where it is found (Bereishit 49:1):

“Then Yaakov called for his sons and said: “Come together, and I will tell you what will befall you in the End of Days.” And all of these words are found mamash, right next to it.”


December 19, 2018:

US President Trump announces he is pulling American forces out of Syria, leading to a sharp uptick in violence across Israel’s Northern border, including increased airstrikes by Israel in Syria, and also Iraq.

December 24, 2018:

Anti-charedi politician Avigdor Lieberman pulls his Yisrael Beytenu part out of the ruling coalition, sparking new elections which are called for April 8th, 2019 – two days after Rosh Chodesh Elul, which falls out on Shabbat.

December 30, 2018:

At the celebrations for his 81st birthday, a frail Rabbi Berland writes the following note:

“Please pray for the Rav, that he shouldn’t be taken before Pesach. Rather, his days should be lengthened until 210 years. Signed, Eliezer Berland.”


December 31, 2018:

Leader of the Breslov community in Tzfat, Rav Elazar Mordechai Koenig, passes away.

January 3, 2019:

Rabbi Berland is taken very ill. Gives over a message saying:

“Already, I can’t speak for two days. I’m asking everyone to do 2,000 tikkun haklalis….Everyone is needed to save the Rav…”

Over the next 24 hours, 11,000 tikkun haklalis are recited, and the Rav has a miraculous recover.

January 30, 2019:

Rabbi Shimon Badani is the Rosh Kollel of the Torah v’Chaim institution in Bnei Brak, and a member of the Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah comes to visit Rabbi Berland, and asks him when Moshiach is coming:

Rav Berland responded:

“Immediately after Seder night.”

Rav Badani clarified:

“This year? This year?”

Rav Berland replied:

“Yes. 5779. This is exactly the gematria of ‘B’biat Moshiach’ (the coming of Moshiach.)”


February 5, 2019:

An interview with Rav Badani is published, where he describes some of the dirty tricks being used by Rabbi Berland’s persecutors.

Rav Badani is immediately attacked in the secular press for visiting Rabbi Berland.

February 7, 2019:

Ori Ansbacher is brutally assaulted and murdered in the Jerusalem Forest near Ein Yael, marking the start of another round of terrorism in Israel.


Excerpt of a shiur given by Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, Purim night, 5768

“It’s written in the holy books that Jews have been burned in all the cataclysms, in all the holocausts, throughout all the generations, everything that happened, it’s only because we still haven’t atoned for the fact that throughout every day of the Shoftim (period of the Judges) and Malchim (period of the Kings of Israel and Judah), we were putting our children in the fire.

All of us are reincarnations of the people who lived in the days of the Shoftim and the Kings, and we still haven’t atoned for [that period of time], supposing that there isn’t a tzaddik who knows how to sweeten this.

So, to put it simply, we still need to atone for what we did then, when we put our sons and our daughters, and our fathers, and the old people before [Moloch], and we burned everyone up, 2-3000 years ago, at the time of the First Temple, and at the time of the Shoftim.

And now, these holocausts, these cataclysms, are meant to come again.

And that’s why each time, they put us to the fire, and renew this, and all of this is because we didn’t atone for the period of the Shoftim. This was a period of time which lasted for 350 years. It’s written that [King] Menashe just by himself used to slaughter a thousand people a day for his idol, and to throw them into the fire.”


March 12, 2019:

Rabbi Berland releases a recording:

“All of us are obliged to come to the giant prayer gathering in the honor of Pesach, that will be held in Hevron, at the graves of the Patriarchs in the Mearat HaMachpela.

On Monday night, going into the 4th Nissan, 5779 (April 9th, 2019), each person is obliged to come to the prayer gathering, and to donate the hezit hashekel .

Such miracles that haven’t been seen since the creation of the world. From this moment, the salvations will begin that haven’t been seen since the creation of the world. Amen, and amen.”


March 14, 2019:

Terrorists in Gaza fired 2 Fajr rockets at Tel Aviv, which failed to be intercepted by the Iron Dome.


March 20, 2019:

Just before the Fast of Esther, Rabbi Berland puts out a message asking his followers to spend the three days of Purim praying that he would live to see Pesach 5779. A number of prayer gatherings are arranged at the Kotel, and many people pray for the Rav from home.


March 25, 2019:

An ‘accidental’ rocket attack from Gaza destroys a house on Moshav Mishmeret, near Kfar Saba.


March 26, 2019:

60 rockets are fired at Israel, most are intercepted by the Iron Dome.


April 7, 2019:

Rabbi Berland says:

Tomorrow is the prayer gathering, and we’re going to nullify all the decrees of the Zionists, who want to ‘cancel’ Shabbat, so that all the malls and the stores will be open on Shabbat. They want to do the most terrible things in the world, they want to outlaw Brit Milah, they want to make it illegal to read Megillat Esther, because ‘how can the Jews have killed 75,000 people?! (Esther 9:16) When did you ever hear of something like that?! Only the Nazis would do something like that, may we be preserved from sin….”


April 8, 2019:


Again, thousands of people attend, and join in from home. At the close of the gathering, Rabbi Berland calls another prayer gathering for Thursday, June 6, 2019, Erev Shavuot.


April 9, 2019:


At midnight, Gantz announces his Blue and White Party have win, and publically ‘accepts’ the premiership, but has to recant in the following hours, after final counts show that Likud and Blue and White are tied.

The ‘New Right’ Party fails to get into the Knesset by 1,500 votes, setting the stage for months of wrangling which ultimately ends with Netanyahu deciding to call new elections.

“Ultimately, the prayers of the holy congregation had their effect, and decrees of the Zionists – who actually believed they’d won, at one point on election night – truly were nullified.”


April 15, 2019:

The US designates Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization, puts even tougher sanctions on Iran, and the war of words between the US and Iran ratchets up another level.


April 17, 2019:

One in a Generation Volume II is published.




April 18, 2019 (Erev Pesach):

The Rav’s attendant, Rav Natan Bensanson, puts out the following message to the kehilla:

“We heard this morning that Rav Berland, shlita, said during the reception for Rav Gevirtz, that the decree had been cancelled.”


April 21, 2019:

More than 250 people are killed, and 500 more are wounded, in a series of terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka. The main targets of the campaign of co-ordinated bombings are churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, Colombo.

Videos surface of Rabbi Berland talking about ‘Colombo’ on many separate occasions in the two weeks before the attacks happen. Afterwards, Rabbi Berland explains that the terrorists wanted the attacks to take place in Jerusalem, but their plans got ‘changed’.


April 28, 2019

The Admor of Kaliv passes away.


May 2, 2019

Rabbi Berland warns that the strange deaths striking down young members of the Shuvu Banim community are because of the machloket against the Rav:

“Q: Honored rabbi, why are so many young Breslov men being killed in all sorts of strange ways, and how can we put an end to this awful situation?

Rav Berland replied:

“[It’s happening] because of the opposition to the Rav. [The people who are against the Rav] have been trying to cause young men to stumble into going against the Rav. They are putting stumbling blocks before them, and they are believing them. And so, there are traffic accidents, and people drowning in bodies of water, rachmana litzlan.”


May 2, 2019:

Rabbi Berland ask the whole community to read the whole book of Tehillim every day, until Rosh Chodesh Iyar, (May 4, 2019). 200 avreichim from Shuvu Banim also take it upon themselves to read the whole book of Tehillim every single day, until Rosh Hashana 5780.


May 4, 2019:

600+ rockets started to fall on the South of Israel, leading to three fatalities and scores more wounded – before the rocket attacks stop as quickly as they started, for no obvious reason.

Rosh Chodesh Iyar took place on Shabbat, May 4th, with the molad (new moon) occurring at 2:48pm in the afternoon.


May 7, 2019

The Milkman, z’tl and Rabbi Berland have an emotional reunion at the bris of Rabbi Berland’s great-grandchild, in Givatayim.




May 8, 2019;

Iran announces it’s preparing to increase enriched uranium and heavy water production, ahead of restarting its nuclear program.


May 12, 2019:

Rabbi Berland writes a short note explaining that it’s very important for his prayers to get out to the wider world, if we want to bring geula the sweet way:

Be strong and strengthen others.

Distribute all of the prayers from Tiferet Zion, until there won’t be a house in all of the nation of Israel that won’t have a prayer from the Rav.

In the merit of Rabbenu HaKadosh, the holy and awesome Rebbe, and in the merit of the holy, pure Torah.

Your faithful servant,

Eliezer Berland

That same day:

Four oil tankers are sabotaged off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. The international community blames Iran, Iran denies the accusation – and the war of words goes up yet another level.


May 13, 2019:

Rabbi Berland says at a bris in Givat Olga:

“Today, we are bringing the geula (redemption). Moshiach is already here. Today, we are bringing the geula, the Moshiach is already here. The Moshiach is going to come from Givat Olga [a small town close to the city of Hadera, in the North of Israel.]

Rav Berland then asked his grandson, Rav Vaknin, to bring him his shofar, and the Rav blew on it. Once he’d finished sounding the shofar, Rabbi Berland said:

“Now, everyone is going with the Moshiach.”


May 14, 2019:

Yemen’s Houthi rebels destroy an oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia. On May 19, Trump tweets:

“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!”


Photo montage of Rabbi Berland in Hevron and autistic Binyamin GoldinMay 20, 2019:

The dani18.com website posts up two messages from the autistic young men Binyamin Goldin and Menachem stating that Rabbi Eliezer ben Ettia is Moshiach ben David.

This announcement sparks off such a huge storm of controversy, the site’s owner decides to take the messages down, even though his own son, the autistic Daniel, corroborates it, and communicates his own message that Eliezer ben Ettia is Moshiach ben David.

(Dani18 now seems to have disappeared….)


May 21, 2019:

Rabbi Berland says the following about the gathering in Meron on May 23, 2019, for the hilloula of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai:

“[O]n Lag B’omer all the trumpets of war that are heard around us will be cancelled. In the merit of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai and Lag B’omer, may there be no more wars in Eretz Yisrael.

“We are standing before that great moment, when the great shofar will be blown.

We are standing before the most dramatic moment ever, the moment when: “And it will be on that day, the great shofar will be sounded, and those lost in the land of Assyria and those exiled in the land of Egypt shall come to Hashem, at the holy mountain in Jerusalem.”

“The geula shleima (complete redemption) will come via this L’ag B’omer, and we will see how the sea will split anew…”


May 23, 2019:


Rabbi Berland lights the main bonfire, up in Meron.



May 26, 2019

Rabbi Berland’s shiur is publicized where he states:

“The calamities will only take place in another 200 years, not now. Moshiach will come without anyone dying.

In the Midrashim, it’s written that:

In the days that the Moshiach comes, there will be a terrible war. People will be chopped and sliced into bits, because everybody will have done so very many transgressions, that it’s impossible to atone for any other way.

It’s written that in the war of Gog and Magog all the mountains will totter and melt.

All the mountains will collapse, the big mountains! They will collapse because of all the explosions. All of the mountains!

But, whoever is with Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov), and whoever will do an hour a day of hitbodedut (talking to Hashem in your own words), and whoever comes to pray together with the Rav – so they have nothing to fear.

Not him, and not his children, and not the children of his children, all of his grandkids.

It’s written, that Hashem will bring all the 10 plagues, but this will be on the goyim (the non-Jewish nations), not on the Jews. It will only be on the non-Jewish nations.

We have nothing to be afraid of! These things are only going to occur in another 200 years.

[Someone from the audience commented: Chas v’shalom, that this will only be in another 200 years! This should only apply to the hard things! The Rav replied:]

The good things will happen now. All of the good things will start to happen now.”


May 26, 2019:

Rabbi Berland is taken very ill again, and is hospitalized. Prayer gatherings are organized all over the country, where people undertake to read the whole book of tehillim for his recovery. Rabbi Berland undergoes heart surgery at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital.


May 31, 2019

Shuvu Banim student Gavriel Lavie is stabbed more than 40 times by the Damascus Gate, losing 70% of his blood.

His friends do a pidyon nefesh for him with Rabbi Berland – and 10 days after the attack, Gavriel gives a press conference at Shaarei Tzedek hospital where his doctors describe the unprecedently fast, miraculous way he has recovered. Gavriel’s story is covered widely by the media in Israel, creating an enormous Kiddush Hashem.


June 2, 2019:

Rabbi Berland is released from hospital and returns home. He urges everyone to attend the prayer gathering in Hevron in 4 more days:

“In this prayer gathering, [people] will be healed from all the diseases. From the age of 3 and up, everyone is obligated to come, without any exceptions. Everyone who comes to the gathering will immediately start functioning normally again. They will function normally, and they won’t have any more suffering, not for even a second.”


June 6, 2019:


Rabbi Berland doesn’t announce another prayer gathering, at this time.


June 13, 2019:

Two more oil tankers from Japan and Norway come under “attack” in the Gulf of Oman, with Iran as the suspected culprit. Tensions increase further.


June 17, 2019:

The Pentagon authorises the deployment of 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East.

Iran says it is 10 days away from passing the limits set by the nuclear deal on its stockpile of low-enriched uranium.


June 18, 2019:

Rabbi Berland is taken back to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem after experiencing serious difficulties breathing.


A more ‘secular’ version of One in a Generation is released on Amazon, called: “Israel’s Most Wanted Man’.


June 20, 2019:

Rabbi Berland releases the following message from his hospital bed:

“The Tzaddik sees awful gezeirot (decrees) that could come to be on Am Yisrael. A war with Iran and America, that will harm Israel – millions will be killed.

The Iranians have no end of weapons!

So, the Tzaddik is taking upon himself death, mamash. To fast without a break from Shabbat to Shabbat. There was a collapse on Tuesday, in the night, but there will be a continuation of no eating, very simply, only the sustenance that comes via a drip.

“The Tzaddik is prepared to die for Am Yisrael.  “


Iranian forces shoot down a US military drone. Trump is urged to respond firmly.

June 21, 2019:

Trump announces that he (inexplicably….) called off a military strike on Iran the night before, while the US planes were already in the air. War is narrowly avoided.


June 22, 2019:

The US unveils the first part of its ‘Deal of the Century’ peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians, that will almost certainly require Israel to give up land. Called: Peace to Prosperity, according to Wikipedia:

“A top-ranking Saudi diplomat stated that the plan includes a “clear path leading to complete Palestinian independence”.



June 24, 2019:

The Beit Din of the Badatz announces that they are formally looking into the false accusations against Rabbi Berland, and forbid any more slander or defamation being said about him in public. 

This effectively ends the ‘open season’ on Rav Berland, as his persecutors within Breslov are: 1) The only source of all the negative stories about him appearing in the secular press; and 2) The people who asked the Beit Din to investigate Rabbi Berland in the first place, with a view to getting him excommunicated, God forbid.


June 26, 2019:

The A-Z OF PRAYERS is launched on the ravberland.com website.

Rabbi Berland tells his attendant that the whole of geula coming the sweet way depends on these prayers getting out into the world.


July 1, 2019:

Iran announces that it’s exceeded the 300kg limit on the amount of enriched uranium it possesses, breaching the cap set out in Obama’s nuclear deal.

July 4, 2019:

Rabbi Berland gives a shiur where he says:

It’s forbidden to leave and go to chutz l’aretz (outside of Israel) for even a single second. Every second that a person is in chul, he is transgressing an issur d’oraita (something forbidden directly from the Torah.)

And you will not return by the path that you came from, not to return to look at Mitzrayim (Egypt). Everything is called ‘Mitzrayim’! And it’s an issur d’oraita, every second that is spent in chul.

No prayer is accepted [there], no Torah ascends there. A person prays – they don’t hear him. And so, this is why there was a shoah, because people lost their yearning to make aliya to Eretz Yisrael.”


Britain seizes an Iranian supertanker in Gibraltar.


July 14, 2019:

A shiur is publicized where Rabbi Berland says:

“On Tu B’Av at 10 o’clock, David will be revealed.

This evening, we are travelling to Kifel, to Shechem, to Awarta. The Palestinian Police has been nullified, the IDF has been nullified.”


July 19, 2019:

Iran announces it has seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, as a tit-for-tat reprisal.


July 22, 2019:

Rumors start to circulate that Rabbi Berland has disappeared from Jerusalem, and no-one knows where he is.

A few days later, word reaches Shuvu Banim that the Rav is recuperating in someone’s private villa, after having another very serious health episode that led to him being hospitalized again. Rabbi Berland releases a message saying:

“The legs are emuna (faith). The Rav already had one leg in the next world, and he got to the hospital at the last possible moment. The Rav’s kidney had stopped working, and it was only with great difficulty that his heart was working.”


August 6, 2019:

After a two week absence, Rabbi Berland returns to his home in Jerusalem. His attendant then releases a message setting out new rules and guidelines, for anyone who wants to come and pray at with the Rav at the Beit HaRav:

“We are returning the ancient crown to its place, and going back to conducting the prayers in the same way they were done for 39 years – organized prayers, with kavana (intention), and without notes, questions, and ‘meeting and greeting’ the Rav during the time of the prayers. All personal questions will be answered immediately after the prayers.

“Only prayer with intention, taking place in a state of total dread and awe, can sweeten all of the judgments, both in the world, and at the personal level.”


August 15, 2019

Rabbi Berland instructs the staff of ravberland.com to urgently translate 75 prayers into English, and says the next stage of geula coming the sweet way depends on this.


After weeks of simmering tensions with Iran, Gibraltar releases the Iranian supertanker, despite heavy pressure from the Americans to keep it detained.


August 13, 2019:

The reknowned kabbalist Rav Chaim Cohen Perahya, zt’l, commonly known as ‘The Milkman’, passes away at the age of 84.


August 21, 2019:

Rav Shimon Badani and Rabbi Berland meet again at a Sheva Brachot. Rabbi Berland tells him: “Behold, Melech HaMoshiach”, and then discusses the importance of encouraging more people to start learning the halachas relating to the laws of purity, in regard to serving in the Temple.


August 25, 2019:

RavBerland.com completes the translation and posting of ’75 Prayers For Geula’.

Rabbi Berland is very pleased by this, says that it’s better than he hoped, and asks for 10 prayers a week to be translated until further notice. The staff of ravberland.com again get the strong impression that every word of the Rav’s that gets out into English is somehow ‘sweetening’ events in the world.

We sit down, and put 3 more books into production:

Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s ADVICE

Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s PRAYERS (Hopefully out before Rosh Hashana)


Rabbi Berland’s MIRACLES (BH, coming by Yom Kippur, 5780)


September 2, 2019:

Omer Adam, one of Israel’s most popular singers, meets Rabbi Berland in Tel Aviv, who tells him:

“Organize a gigantic concert in a stadium, and I will come to there. We will strengthen the public, and we will return all of Am Yisrael in teshuva.”


September 4, 2019:

US continues to turn the screw on Iran, implementing a raft of new, harsher sanctions. War starts to seem inevitable.


September 7, 2019:

After checking with Rabbi Berland, who tells them the information about wars etc is incorrect, the autistics agree it’s time to stop communicating any more ‘messages from heaven.’


Iran starts injecting gas into advanced centrifuges to increase its stockpile of enriched uranium, warns ‘time is running out’.


September 9, 2019:

Rav Berland warns again about Blue and White’s plans for Israel:

“Benny Gantz, together with Lapid, they want to uproot all of the chareidim. They want to throw all the chareidim on to some island in the Caribbean, so that they’ll build new houses there. So that Yosef Shor (one of the most well-known mohels in the Shuvu Banim community) will start to build houses, instead of being a mohel.

Also on the [Grand] Bahamas Island, all the buildings were destroyed. They are blaming Shuvu Banim for all of this. Now, there are planes here, ready to bring the whole of Shuvu Banim to the Bahamas.”

The same day, Jason Greenblatt, main architect of the Trump administration’s ‘Deal of the Century’ for Israel-Palestinian ‘peace’ unexpectedly resigns.


September 10, 2019:

Trump fires John Bolton, his National Security Advisor, one of the key figures in his administration strongly pushing the US to confront Iran militarily.


September 11, 2019:

Rabbi Berland’s words after the morning prayers:

“Next week, we will find out if Gantz will win, together with Lapid and Lieberman. They want to do it together, they will even accept the Arabs [the Arab parties]. The ikker (whole thing) is that they will have 61 [seats]. Here, we talk about 61. 61 is the magic number.

Whoever brings 61, he will be the king.”

(After the elections, none of the factions can get 61 seats together, effectively taking the Knesset out of action.)


September 12, 2019:

Rabbi Berland says in a shiur:

The Tzaddik can sweeten every single thing in the world.


September 14, 2019:

Two drones attack Abqaiq – the world’s largest oil processing plant – and the Khurais oilfield, in eastern Saudi Arabia. The pre-dawn strikes knock out more than half of Saudi Arabia’s crude output. The Yemenite Houthi rebels claim responsibility, the US’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, blames Iran, and threatens massive retaliation.

The world holds it’s breath.

Inexplicably, Trump doesn’t respond by attacking Iran, militarily.


September 16, 2019

Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s ‘Advice’ book is released on Amazon.




September 17, 2019:


Even before polling ends, Rabbi Berland is video’d saying:

Now, there are no gezeirot (harsh decrees.) There is no decree at all! It doesn’t matter what is going to happen with the elections.

“We are in the canister of [pure] oil. Shuvu banim will always win! They won’t take the Kotel, they won’t take anything! Even if they want to.”


September 22, 2019:

Rav Berland gives over a long shiur dealing with nuclear bombs and Einstein’s formula that paved the way for them, that is clearly ‘sweetening’ something:

“It’s written in ‘Sha’ar Hakavanot’ in the laws of Rosh Hashana that we say, “you should be written and sealed for a good life”. We should actually say, “you should be written in the book of the true Tzaddikim”. However, even if a person is written in the book of the true Tzaddikim, unless all of Am Yisrael are also sealed, then it’s nothing, it doesn’t help at all. Because suddenly they’ll throw an atomic bomb – it’s true that there are ten Tzaddikim here – but if an atomic bomb falls who’s to say it will fall in the sea?”


September 24, 2019:

Netanyahu agrees a deal with the right wing parties to negotiate as a ‘bloc’ with Blue and White, effectively making it impossible for a ‘unity’ government to be formed without him as the Prime Minister.

Unless Gantz et al agree to Netanyahu remaining as being PM, Israel will eventually have to have a 3rd set of new elections, without any government being formed in the interim.

The Trump administration leaks their ‘frustration’ at there not being a stable Israeli government to impose their ‘Deal of the Century’ peace plan on, which Trump wanted to roll-out in September, 2019.


September 25, 2019:

Rabbi Berland flies out to Uman, Ukraine, ahead of the Rosh Hashana kibbutz, 5780.


Vested interests in America announces plans to push for the impeachment of President Trump, because of the ‘Ukrainian’ affair.


October 1: 2019


Rabbi Berland is sweetening so much via his prayers, his personal suffering, and his efforts to galvanize more and more people – Jews and non-Jews – to sincerely return to God and the path of humility and teshuva.

As long as we stick close to the Tzaddik, it’s going to be a great year, Bezrat Hashem.


You can see more Rivka’s musing at her blog, rivkalevy.com

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