New blog for Brelsov women

New Breslov Womens’ Blog, starting after Succot 5779

I am so pleased and privileged to announce that I am joining the editorial team, beginning after Succot 5779.

The plan is for me to start doing a kind of blog for Breslov women here, where I’ll write about the more practical aspects of actually trying to live Rebbe Nachman’s teachings day-to-day, as well as trying to apply some of the teachings of Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, to real life.

Like, to name one random example that’s just popped into my head, Rav Berland’s excellent advice on not responding to insults, which is usually so much easier to do in theory than in practice…

And other things like that.

So, it’s a huge zchut to be writing for, and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to start blogging again about Breslov stuff from a female perspective after the chagim. Keep your eyes peeled for the first blog posts to appear from October 2, 2018, and may you have a gmar chatima tova, for 5779.


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