“My books are cleaning all the tumah and the judgments”

Rav Berland’s books are cleaning all the tumah in the world

Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, recently got in touch with one of his senior students and during a private conversation with him, he asked him to share an important message with the wider kehilla. The Rav said the following:

Such a wonderful chag (religious holiday) is coming, the chag of Shavuot. I wrote such a wonderful sefer, containing a commentary on Megillat Ruth, in its honor.


The Rav then asked rhetorically:

“Do people even know what Shavuot is? There is an explicit halacha in the Shulchan Aruch [that states]: “30 days before the chag, we should ask about and explain the halachot of the chag.”[1]

People think that the night of Shavuot is a white night, (a night when you stay awake the whole night and have fun), that the whole point is just to not go to sleep the whole night, to do a picnic, to crack open sunflower seeds.

People think that the whole matter is just to eat dairy products, and to eat ice-cream.


This night [of Shavuot] is such a holy night.

People don’t know that ‘Naomi’ is noam Hashem, the pleasantness of Hashem, the pleasantness of the Torah, the loveliness of tefillah.

The night of Shavuot is Ruth (רות), who ריוותה – gained over (i.e. persuaded) Hashem, with her prayers. She went after the Tzaddik, she went after Elimelech. The Rav (i.e. Rav Berland) explains every single thing in the Sefer, each and every verse, what is Boaz, what is Elimelech.

Open my sefer, and learn everything.


People wait until Shavuot is coming to learn my sefer, but this is not the tikkun (rectification) for the night of Shavuot. This book is to prepare yourself beforehand, so you will understand what Shavuot really is.

We need to come to Shavuot prepared, to know what ‘Boaz’ really is. Boaz is courage / impudence against the Sitra Achra (dark side). That we need to fight and to subdue the Sitra Achra. “Bo Az” – you have inside of you such azut (brazenness) of kedusha (holiness).


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Rav Berland continued:

“Do you really want to know who Boaz was? Read the book, Boaz is the Tzaddik! Do you want to understand, what is this, the Tzaddik? The Tzaddik is totally Torah and prayer, this is David HaMelech, that it’s his yartzeit on Shavuot. He overcame Hashem with his prayers.

David HaMelech, the whole day long he just did hitbodedut (talking to God in his own words), he just sang, and played to Hashem.”


Rabbi Berland, shilt”a, explicitly requested that people should distribute this holy book.

He told the student he called:

“It’s important that people know that there is a sefer (book) like this in the world. This book is going to clean all the tumah and all the judgments in the world.

“There is such great dinim and tumah in the world, but my books and my writings, the Torah and the prayers, are cleaning and purifying all the judgments and the tumah from the world.”


You can buy the Rav’s commentary on Megillat Rut, in Hebrew, HERE.

You can also buy the Rav’s other books in English, on Amazon, HERE.

Rabbi Berland’s books in English include:




[1] See Tractate Megillah 32a.


For the first time in English: Tefilla L’Ani for Shavuot

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