Rav Pinto: The media is all lies

The media has all been paid for by vested interests

The latest video from Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, shlita, the head of the ‘Shuva Yisrael’ institutions in Israel and around the world, contains an extremely sharp warning against the dangers of being connected to the media, and those people who are destroying the world via their lashon hara – particularly with their evil speech about Tzaddikim.

This is a subject that Rabbi Berland himself has also given no end of warnings and lessons about, too.

We bring a translation of Rabbi Pinto’s words, below. You can hear the Rav speaking for yourself, in the original Hebrew, by watching the video.



Rabbi Pinto said:

Who has the koach (spiritual strength) to speak against people of the stature of the Prophet Shmuel, or of Moshe Rabbenu, or Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai?

It’s forbidden!

We need to take this as a rule, the pious people of Shuva Yisrael. We are saying this from a place of great suffering. We are weeping from pain, weeping from the suffering. So we are telling you this:

Accept it upon yourselves:

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Disconnect yourselves from everything being said in the media.

These are evil words, and aren’t good.


They [the media] are being paid in order to write things, to flood your minds with shtuyot (inanity).

The things that they say are not correct. If someone wants to destroy someone else, they just pay [the media to do it].

10 years ago, we knew a person who wanted to buy a company, and the owner, ploni, didn’t want to sell it to him. So he went to someone and paid him $5,000 a month to publicize negative articles about the owner of the company, until he would collapse. He would collapse, and then this other person would take the company.

We were shaken to our core. Even until today, we can’t hear anything more from this individual – who paid money to the media in order to ‘kill’ another human being. “For in their rage, they killed a man.”

Once, they used to murder people with guns. Today, they murder them by paying money.


So the first thing is to not listen to divrei hefker, (pointless, meaningless talk) – not even in the dati (religiously observant) media.

Everything there has been sold for money.

Get away from there [media sites] as if it was fire. Don’t listen, don’t accept what you’re being told, don’t be a part of it.


Whoever reads these sites, they are ‘accepting’ lashon hara.

We learn this from the Chofetz Chaim. Everything there is mixed up with lashon hara, this one paid, the other one didn’t pay – so they are attacking him.

They are doing this, this is lashon hara.

Distance yourselves from lashon hara!

You want to know what’s happening? Don’t worry, you are going to know! Don’t give more strength to the lies, this is lashon hara.


The second thing:

Distance yourselves from any rabbi that speaks lashon hara about other rabbis!

It’s forbidden to speak lashon hara about rabbis. A person needs to honor rabbis, and talmidei chachamam (Torah scholars). A rabbi is something holy. We need to honor rabbanim.

You grew up in a home where Torah scholars were spoken against?

So then sit, and read sippurei tzaddikim (stories of Tzaddikim).

Stick to the tzaddikim, because the koach of the tzaddikim is the biggest koach in the world.

Tzaddikim have existed since the creation of the world. There was Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov. Shem and Ever. What, [people want to] break this [tradition]? To make it collapse?! To destroy it?! Who could destroy this?

There is someone who has a personal interest, and so he destroys people’s emunat chachamim (faith in our holy rabbis.)

It’s forbidden to destroy emunat chachamim!


There is a war going on, where they are allocating money in order to break people’s temimut (lit: innocence, figuratively, their simple faith.) In America, we sat with big people, whose every thought was only about how to try to break people’s temimut.

They call this a ‘New World’, ‘New Judaism’. They cling to the idea that a Jew needs to help AIDS victims in Africa, Hashem should bless these people that they should be healthy. But where is the Judaism? What about Judaism?

Their whole goal is this ‘new Judaism’.


All the Torah-observant Judaism, the mitzvah-observant Judaism, the Judaism where you serve Hashem – they are fighting a very harsh war against this.

They are distributing millions [of dollars] in order to break Torah-observant Judaism!

Thanks to our very numerous and great sins, today we can only read about how once, people used to learn Torah for days on end.

Today, everything has been breached. Everything has been broken.

Who used to have a radio in yeshiva? Who used to have a tape recorder? Who used to have internet in yeshiva? Who used to have a television, in yeshiva?

Today, everything has been broken!

They erased everything. They destroyed everything. A person needs to cry and weep greatly before HaKadosh Baruch Hu, in order to walk innocently with Hashem.

This is the highest level.


We need to do things together with the Tzaddik


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