Please pray for Rav Nachman Horowitz

Rav Nachman Horowitz

Please pray for Rav Nachman Horowitz

Rabbi Nachman Horowitz, a long-time student of Rabbi Eliezer Berland and grandchild of Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz, Ztl, sadly had a heart attack at the Tzion of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai 7pm Thursday night, shortly before the Lag B’omer celebrations began in Meron.

He is currently still unconscious and fighting for his life at the hospital.

Before his heart-attack occurred, Rabbi Horowitz was involved in trying to prevent more police brutality at the kever of Rashbi.
In the video below, you can see some of what Rav Horowitz is describing in the message he left on the main Breslov hotline a short two minutes before he suffered his heart attack:
(Originally posted up by the Tomer Devorah website):

And this video shows Rav Horowitz having an altercation with the police in Meron, just before he collapsed in the Tzion:


And this is the translation of the message that Rav Horowitz left on Breslov hotline, just before his heart attack, may Hashem have mercy:

“Rabotai, [this is] literally a war.
They [the police] removed all the women, now they are by the men.

They are not allowing entry, people are sacrificing their lives, we need to pray.

Someone said ‘if there will be Meron Lag B’Omer there will be Uman Rosh Hashana’.
Cry to Hashem, pray, people are sacrificing their lives, literally! They don’t understand what’s happening here, what’s going on? What do they want?
I said to someone ‘that they are standing outside with their loud sirens that is ok? This is healthy?’
What’s the inyan? Why are they not letting people in? Hashem should help, (not clear).

Not for nothing would my grandfather (R Shmuel Horowitz ztz’l) say:

‘Meron, Meron Rosh Hashana’.
Now I’m approaching the entrance and they are not letting me in, they are not allowing entrance, they are not allowing entrance, this is terrible and frightening.
They are pulling people out forcefully, Hashem should help, they are standing and not allowing people to enter, (not clear).
Hashem should help (not clear) we will win, amen v’amen”.

Shortly afterwards, at 7pm Thursday night, Rav Horowitz suffered a very serious heart-attack in Meron.

Given the awful events that transpired later that night, his words have a prophetic ring to them:

They are not allowing entry, people are sacrificing their lives, we need to pray.

Please pray for the speedy and full recovery of:
Rabbi Nachman Eliyahu ben Serach Miriam;
And also for the many others who were injured and killed, in the terrible events of Thursday night in Meron.
Our connection to our True Tzaddikim is what keeps Am Yisrael safe – and the reshaim know this, and that is why they are redoubling their efforts to wage war against our True Tzaddikim – both alive and dead.
But to quote Rav Horowitz’s last words, ultimately:

We will win, amen v’amen.


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