Rav Berland’s Purim at the Beit HaRav


Purim with Rav Berland at the Beit HaRav

Thursday night, Shushan Purim 5778, and the Beit HaRav was packed to the rafters with guests and followers who streamed to Ido HaNavi Street to join Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, for Purim.

Many hundreds of people – including men, women and children – were in attendance, and the crowds spilled over into the outside courtyard, and beyond.

The Rav read from the megilla himself, and the crowd strained to hear every word, in an atmosphere of tremendous holiness and joy. Below, we’re happy to share with you a montage of photos from Purim 5778, with Rav Berland:


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