R’ Aharon Shwartz: Corona 3-Times as High Amongst Chareidim – The Price of Silence About R’ Berland

Rav Aharon Shwartz impassioned speech from the Bar Ilan Prayer gathering

“A Rabbi and Tzaddik in jail for a year without trial!  What’s happening here?  How [can the] world be silent?”  Rav Aharon Shwartz screams from the heart about the lowly and disgraceful treatment of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a.

“Rabosai, what’s going on here?  What’s this injustice?  Everyone is silent!  A Rabbi and Tzaddik in jail for a year without trial!

“A Rabbi and Tzaddik in jail for a year without trial!  What’s happening here?  How can the world be silent?

“We are also asking – where is the Chareidi public?  What is this silence of Admorim?  What is this silent of Rabbanim?  A year in jail!  A Rabbi and Tzaddik sits in jail without trial, without conviction!

“What’s happening here?  What an evil injustice!  This isn’t just an injustice of the prosecutor and the court system.  This is an injustice of the entire Chareidi public!  This is the silence of the entire Chareidi public here!

“Therefore the Chareidi public pays with three times the Corona!  Pays with three times the Corona for Lashon HaRa which they accept about Tzaddikim…Lashon HaRa that they accept about Tzaddikim.  Oy Vavoy to us – a Tzaddik like this who sacrifices his soul!

“Our Rebbe Rav Berland was arrested for Pidyon Nefesh – Pidyon Nefesh, which is done in every place in the world!

“A criminal libel by lowly informers, lowly informers.  Chareidim with beard and peyos!  Lowly informers who are collaborating with the police.  Why doesn’t the Chareidi public condemn them?

“Why doesn’t the Chareidi public denounce them publicly?  Criminal libels in the light of day.  Therefore, the Charedi public is paying a high price – three times the deaths from Corona, three times the sick for Corona!  Lockdown, another lockdown, another lockdown!

“When will you understand?  When Rav Berland was arrested the Corona began!  This is a punishment all over the world for the disgrace of the Tzaddik!

“It’s forbidden to be silent, forbidden to be silent!

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“One needs to scream!”

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