Urgent Message from the Rav

An urgent message from Rabbi Berland

Late yesterday night, on August 2, 2020, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, put out a couple of urgent messages to the wider Shuvu Banim kehilla.

You can hear the original messages from the Rav HERE, but below we bring a translation of his words.


The first message pertained to another court appearance the Rav was scheduled to have early this morning, on August 3, 2020.

In that brief but urgent message, Rav Berland said:

“Today, everyone needs to say the Tikkun HaKlali seven times. By 5.30pm, everyone needs to recite the Tikkun Haklali seven times.”


We know from past experience that Rabbi Berland sees a seven-fold repetition of the Tikkun HaKlali as a very powerful weapon in the spiritual armament to neutralize and nullify harsh spiritual dinim (judgments).

We also know from previous experience that each time the Rav asks us to pray in this way, the first people who benefit from this ‘sweetening’ is ourselves.

So, even if you’re reading this after 5.30pm on August 3, 2020, it’s still more than worthwhile to add your seven Tikkun HaKlalis into the pile.

No prayer will ever be wasted.


In the second message, Rabbi Berland requested that his followers should sign up to create an unbroken ‘chain’ of people saying an hour of hitbodedut around the clock.

The stated aim of this particular hitbodedut chain is to try to re-open the gates to Uman ahead of Rosh Hashana 5781, in order to enable many tens of thousands of Jews to be at Rebbe Nachman’s grave this year.

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Here are a translation of Rabbi Berland’s holy words, which you can hear in the original Hebrew HERE:


“Shuvu Banim, followers and associates, from the age of 12 and up.

“Everyone should take upon himself to do an hour of hitbodedut a week, in which they will only make requests about the journey to Uman – that the general public will be able to get there, and that there will be 40,000 men.

So that 40,000 men can get there, and then the decree of the Corona will be totally cancelled, so that no-one else will die from Corona – now, we are nullifying this gezeira (harsh judgment), of the Corona.

“Sign up already, now, for the chain of prayer.

“This will be divided into 168 [hours] a week. [People should hurry to sign up] By Tuesday, 3am. Seven weeks exactly, seven [weeks of] ‘comfort’.

“In this hour, only and solely ask for [the gates to be opened to] Uman; and that the Corona should be totally cancelled out; that it will go onto Hamas, and onto Al Qaida, and onto ISIS.”


As soon as we received this message, the students, followers and associates of Rav Berland mobilized to put the Tzaddik’s words into action, and to arrange an unbroken hitbodedut chain for the week, split into 168 hours.

We ask our English-speaking readers to join us in this vitally important endeavor.

And to take it upon themselves to sign up for a fixed hour a week, where they will be requesting for the gates of Uman to open, and that the harsh decree of the Corona virus (and all its associated hardships) will be totally cancelled out from the world.


To sign up for an hour, please call the following numbers:

MEN:                     +972-54-486-0047

WOMEN:             +972-52-714-7145

The only way we can get to Uman in any real numbers this year for Rosh Hashana 5781, and to cancel out the Coronavirus decree is via prayer – and each person’s prayer counts a great deal.


“All of Israel is in grave danger” – new message from the Rav

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