Rav Dov Kook: The fires currently spreading in Israel are because of...

Rav Dov Kook: The fires currently spreading in Israel are because of the terrible persecution of Rav Berland

At exactly the same time that Rav Berland’s plea bargain was finalized, as the only way of securing his release from a corrupt court system that was threatening to keep the elderly, unwell Tzaddik in prison indefinitely pending trial, a number of forest fires broke out all over the country. While there were smaller fires in the South of the country and around the Jerusalem and Shomron areas, the worst conflagration was around the Northern city of Zichron Yaacov, where hundreds of people had to be evacuated from their homes, as firefighters tried to contain the blaze. In total 3000 homes were evacuated across Israel in fires which up until the time of the writing of this article are still not completely under control. After the judgment against Rav Berland, shlita, was handed down in Jerusalem’s ‘HaShalom’ Court, the Gaon, Tzaddik and kabbalist Rav Dov Kook from Tiveria, shlita, made the following statement to one of Rav Eliezer Berland’s students: “All the terrible forest fires that are happening now around Zichron Yaacov are because of the persecution and suffering of the holy Tzaddik, Rav Eliezer Berland. The measure of justice is being weighed out primarily against us in the North, and we need to know that the terrible fires that are burning there in a few different places are because Rav Berland is being held in the North, close to Tiveria. “The midrash says that when people persecute and shame Tzaddikim, then *HaKadosh Baruch Hu* brings fires to the world! All the slanderers and people who are speaking libels and falsehoods about this awesome, holy Tzaddik should be aware that soon, judgment will occur, and that there is a Judge *mamash*, who will reveal his [Rav Berland’s] honor and innocence to every eye.” So said Rav Dov Kook.

In Rebbe Nachman’s ‘Sefer HaMiddot’ (the Book of Traits), Rebbe Nachman teaches that: “When there is *machloket* against a true Tzaddik, *fires come*.” In Part 2 of Likutey Moharan, Lesson 67, Rebbe Nachman also writes: “There are luminaries of light and luminaries of fire, and they are antagonistic [i.e. opposing each other.] When the luminaries of light are empowered, the luminaries of fire are subdued, and inversely, when the luminaries of light are subdued and diminished, the luminaries of fire are empowered.” A little later on in that same lesson, Rebbe Nachman explains that: “When someone who totally lacks God’s name becomes renowned – when his name becomes renowned and exalted – God’s name becomes diminished and disappears. Then, pseudo-miracle workers and magicians become exalted, and things happen in the world against which only the names of demonic powers are able to protect against…. *“Fires are caused in the world on account of the names of these ignominiously renowned people becoming great and enhanced*, for this causes God’s name to disappear, the luminaries of light to be subdued, and the luminaries of fire to become empowered.” Any truthful person can see with their own eyes that this is exactly what is occurring in Eretz Israel during these moments.


Watch Rav Berland being escorted out of the courthouse yesterday through Jaffa Street. 


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