Rav Berland is released for the fifth consecutive time while Israel Police reach new lows!


After the shocking forgery and attempt by the Israeli Police to blacken Rav Berlands name in the media by publishing through Channel 2 forged recordings which seemingly the Rav admitted to crimes that aren’t even contained in the investigation, and going so far as to saying the he wants to blow up houses, the request of the police was once again rejected in a courtroom in Rishon L’tzion in which the judge ordered for the 5th consecutive time that there is no reason to put Rav Berland in jail for even one day, and that he should be released to house arrest while the police continue their investigation.

Thousands of supporters rallied once again in the fifth consecutive day in support for the esteemed Rabbi, and in demonstration against the evil corrupt ways of the police.

After the judges decision, the police requested 24 hrs before carrying out the release of Rav Berland in order to buy time to issue an appeal in their own courts. Learning from experience the appeal will take place tomorrow in which the Police will try to drag on the saga for a few more days just in order to inflict the Tzaddik and his tens of thousands of followers unjust pain. This is a continual persecution of religious Jews in Israel.

Here is a talk-back we had with someone on facebook who believes the media lies:

Q: Those recordings of him admitting rape can’t be ignored.

A: Any kid with a basic knowledge of audio editing software can create a recording like that, certainly nothing is out of reach of the Israeli Police who, for years, set a target to get Rav Berland at all costs. This reminds us of the Dreyfus Affairs in which all evidence was forged. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreyfus_affair

The primary question that people are asking is “If the Rav is admitting to rape, where are the women?! Why do the police need to go to such distances to publisize a recording of the Rav supposedly from four years ago, if it really happened, they should just bring forth the women!”
how low can people fall?! Falsifying documents and recording…
read about these “soldiers” and what war they are fighting http://www.emunaroma.com/blog/the-soldiers-of-gog-and-magog

 Q: The women’s testimony is pretty well documented if you search google news…
A: Normaly we don’t get testimony from Google, testimony is given in court. The fact that the Israeli Police are going to the media with their testimony while in court no women has stepped forth shows something very corrupt and wrong. Any normal person looking at this case sees a clear unjust persecution and libel. The Attorney said that in her 33 years of being a lawyer she has never seen such a clear outright libelous persecution.
The police have lost 4 consecutive cases, these games of bringing forth shady recordings are only lengthening the time for the Rav to be held without a case against him.
It is Israel against the Rabbi, no complainers, let alone witnesses have stepped forth.

Q: Channel 2 is not the police

A: I guess you have no idea how it works in Israel

 If you understand Hebrew read the headline of the article “חומרים חדשים שהגיעו למשטרה במסגרת חקירתו של הרב אליעזר ברלנד” if you cant then I will translate for you “Here is more material which reached the hands of Israel Police during the investigation, a recording…”

and btw, there is already a lawsuit against he police and clear evidence that they leaked material during the interrogation to the media, there is clear evidence on that.
Israel Police is working hand in hand with the Israeli media for years. This whole libel, a bunch of hot air, was created and propagated by them, now they are trying to make a case about it in court without success.

Q: I’m an Israeli. .no need to translate and 3colain how it works here. What’s fascinating for me is the blind faith dedication you guys display. Hopefully the mishpat will begin soon.

A: it clearly takes a lot more faith to believe your side.

And faith in who exactly? The police?! Look at all the corruption that goes on there, Is there any head of police in Israel that wasn’t convicted of sexual harassment and corruption of law.







I’m sorry, but I’ll rather believe in all the tzaddikim that stand behind Rav Berland than these people!


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