Recently Revealed Testimony from Rabbi Berland shlit”a on the “Perakim Nevcharim” — The “Selected Chapters”

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Many are already familiar with the awesome light of the “Perakim Nevcharim” – the “Selected Chapters” (of Tehilim) – which our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a revealed – the chapters which descended to the world and combined with the light of the Tikkun Klalli shares the goal of helping the souls of the Jewish people achieve their complete rectification in our generation.

Rabbi Mordechai reveals to us the phenomenal way in which the “Selected Chapters” were revealed to the world and their power according to the words of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a.

These are his words:

“Rabbi Eliezer Berland always tells everyone to say the Tikkun Klalli regularly, and recently has asked that everyone say the Tikkun Klalli 7 times each day.  He constantly encourages this.  However, there is something else which is very awesome, that which became known over the last year and half – the awesome revelation of the ‘Selected Chapters.’

“The Rav said that one who can say the “Selected Chapters” at least once a week, in addition to the Tikkun Klalli fortunate is he, fortunate is his portion, because this scrubs away all the rust from the mind, all the worst blemishes.”

How were the “Selected Chapters” revealed to the world?

“The matter was like this: 21 years ago, in 5759, Rav A. Ben Shaul from the holy community [Shuvu Banim] said to our Rebbe Rav Berland:  There is someone who sinned in serious and terrible things and now wants to do teshuva; what should be done with him?  Understandably, everyone needs to say the Tikkun Klalli.  Our Rebbe, Rav Berland took out a piece of paper and wrote on it the number of ten chapters of tehilim – 31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109, and said to him to say this.  The Rav also wrote for him a prayer to say, and to do teshuva, and Bezras Hashem, it will help him.

“Then our Rebbe Rav Berland also said to one of the Tzaddikim in Jerusalem, Rabbi David HaCohen, that Rabbeinu Nachman of Breslov revealed to him these chapters – these chapters which help remove a person from the bottom pit of Gehinom, from the most difficult situations.  He began to list the things [which they help rectify], and said all the things, very serious things – all these chapters help with teshuva for all these things.”


Our Rebbe Rav Berland confirms the power of the “Selected Chapters”

“I asked the Rav in Sivan 5779: Rav, is the entire story true that there is a teshuva and a rectification for the most serious things and that this thoroughly cleans the entire soul of a person…if this is true in the name of the Rav?  He answered: Yes, this is true!

“I asked the Rav – this was while the congregation was saying the Korbanos of Shacharis –  if we should distribute this?  The Rav said: Distribute this as much as possible throughout the entire world!

“We are fulfilling this statement with simplicity.  The Rav repeated the chapters again, also to Rav Yitzchak Z.  He wrote explicitly those chapters, and also Rav A. Ben Shaul has those same chapters – he said to us those same chapters.  There are several other people who the Rav said to them the same thing.

“I asked the Rav what to call these chapters, ‘Tikkun for what?”  The Rav thought for a second and said: ‘Perakim Nevcharim” — ‘Selected Chapters.’  One of our friends, Rabbi A.H. said to us that ‘Perakim Nevcharim’ is exactly the Hebrew gematria (numeral value) of ‘Pagam HaBris’ (Blemish of the Covenant).  We repeat and say that there is the Tikkun Klalli and the immersion in the mikveh which Rebbe Nachman said that one needs to do every day, and to try to purify the person.  However, these chapters, our Rebbe Rav Berland said that a person who can, should say them at least once a week.

“The Rav said to one of the people – ‘I thought they understand what we’re saying to them,’ it should be said AT LEAST once a week.  To another person, he said to say it on Shabbos.  Once at the end of prayer, I said to him: Perhaps the Rav will strengthen the point of the ‘Selected Chapters.’  People don’t always believe new things.  The prayer of the congregation was very loud and the Ravs words couldn’t be heard so much on the loudspeaker.  Afterwards, I asked what the Rav said, and they told me that the Rav said that everyone from Shuvu Banim should say the ‘Selected Chapters’ at least once a week.  Behold, he said this explicitly.  Did the Rav say to say them every day?  Certainly, anyone who can should say them every day…

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“When I was in Bat Yam, the Rav said [regarding] these chapters – that the greatest things can be said about them, the greatest things.  Another time, the Rav said that this not only atones, but it also saves the person and prevents him from the sin.  This really hinders sin, these ‘Selected Chapters.’”

Chapters of Screaming and Crying Out to Cleanse the Soul of a Person

“An additional point.  Once I spoke to one of the great Talmidei Chachamim in the community, and he expounded this, that these are really chapters of crying out.  Anyone who sees these chapters, how many times [it says] ‘Save me,’ how many times ‘they hid a snare for me.’  One who sees these chapters mamash identifies with what is happening in our generation.  Enough, it’s already impossible like this.  People want something for the soul.  Everyone is saying in shiurim: A person who blemishes his eyes once, all his mitzvos are incinerated, everything goes to the other side.  That’s true. People speak things in shiurim which cause the public to despair, and they don’t know how to fix these things.  People are already going crazy… but there is a Tikkun, Boruch Hashem.

“Our Rebbe the Rav revealed another wonderful and awesome thing, that the secret of this is the secret of the beggar without legs, from Sippurey Ma’asios (Rabbi’s Nachman’s Stories) of Rabbeinu HaKadosh, that he rectifies – as is written in Kokavei Or of Rabbi Avraham ben Rabbi Nachman – that this rectifies the King’s son who completely fell from faith.  Because our generations fell from faith completely – there’s no Mochin (spiritual intellect) – the Rav repeated this several times.  There’s no brain, no heart, no Mochin at all, serving Hashem without feelings, mamash like a serpent.  People have nothing at all, are searching for something to return them the spark, the life-force – this is the ‘Selected Chapters’ which return [these] to a person….  The Rav said to distribute them in every place in the world.

“Rabbi Shlomo Gabbai related that our Rebbe Rav Berland said: If you had eyes to see, you would see that every second Rabbeinu is in front of me and speaks to me.  The Rav merited wondrous levels.  The Tzaddik, the Chalban Rabbi Chaim Cohen ztz”l said that Rabbeinu Nachman of Breslov HaKadosh was completely channeled into Rav Berland.

“I have to say that the responses which we’ve received regarding the ‘Selected Chapters’…from all over Israel, youths arrive, secular people, people who are in a process of teshuva, people with torn jeans come to me and say: Listen, we need this.  They come and take it, this one takes 500 to distribute to his friends, the next one takes 300…  It’s unbelievable how people want this wondrous Tikkun.

“A person called me and said that in a few minutes he’s arriving at my house, saying ‘I donate 10,000 NIS to distribute 10,000 [copies of] Selected Chapters.’  I couldn’t believe it.  Within a few minutes he arrived and left for me 50 bills of 200 NIS – ‘Take this.  This is anonymous.’  He then said, ‘You don’t know who Rav Berland is, you have no idea who is Rav Berland.  This is a Tzaddik such as you have no idea who he is, what he does.  He changed my life.  Know!  I committed all the transgressions in the world, I transgressed the most serious things in the world.  And who brought me close and who touched me in the deepest way?   This was Rav Eliezer Berland.’  He gave me this donation and said it was anonymous, without words… ‘All the best.’

“I received encouragement from all types of other people who say that this is mamash air to breathe, who succeeded in living anew, the breath returned to them anew after the spiritual holocaust which we are found in right now – the chapters of crying out of King David save their souls.  They identify with every word.  Every person who reads the chapters will identify with the words – what meaning there, what David says: Save me!  How many snares they hid for me!

“A person who looks at chapter 88 – what words King David says!  Every person who has gone through falls who says this will feel mamash connected to the soul in these words.

“Fortunate are we that we merited!”


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