The “Selected Chapters” which Rav Berland Revealed with the Niggun of Moshe Havusha

Selected Chapters Havusha

Many are already familiar with the awesome light of the “Perakim Nevcharim” — the Selected Chapters — which Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a revealed, a tikkun which combines with the light of the Tikkun Clalli to help Jewish souls also receive their full tikkun in our generation.

To celebrate the new edition of the “Perakim Nevcharim” which has recently come out, we have edited a film for you with the words of the Tehillim of the Perakim Nevcharim with the voice of the great Payatan, Rav Moshe Havusha.

To order a copy of the Perakim Nevcharim, call 052-713-4512

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