URGENT APPEAL For Rabbi Berland

Rabbi Berland on the dais at the Beit HaRav

URGENT APPEAL: Please help us pay for Rabbi Berland’s medical expenses

Over the last few weeks and months, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, has been undergoing a number of serious health challenges. Baruch Hashem, each time he’s been hospitalized with a serious illness, the prayers and the Tikkun HaKlalis of Am Israel have brought him through again.

A few days’ ago, the Rav returned to public life after a three week period of convalescence, where he was taken to a secret location in Israel where he could recuperate from his latest brush with serious illness.

At that point, Rabbi Berland released a message to his followers, where he told them:

“The Rav already had one leg in the next world, and he got to the hospital at the last possible moment. The Rav’s kidney had stopped working, and it was only with great difficulty that his heart was working.”

All of us can feel the judgment in the air, and that these are not normal times.

Now, more than ever, we need to rally around Rabbi Berland, and to do our utmost on every level, both physically and materially, to ensure that the Rav has got everything he requires to take us through to the next stage of the geula process – b’rachamim.

The Rav needs our prayers; and he needs our mitzvoth; and he needs our in-depth Torah learning and good deeds. But at this point in time, he also needs our help to pay for his new medical expenses. After another check-up with the doctors this week, those close to the Rav were told that the doctors want Rabbi Berland to return to hospital.

Given the many dangers and problems associated with being hospitalized in Israel, the Rav’s attendants are trying to arrange an alternative way of ensuring that Rabbi Berland will have access to the care and medical equipment he needs, while remaining in his own home.

But this equipment and attention doesn’t come cheap.

It’s going to cost $20,000 a month, to pay for the equipment and care that Rabbi Berland really needs, in order to continue to lead us forward, and in order to continue to be accessible to the Jewish people, at this most crucial juncture.

So, we are asking the members of the public to please help us defray the enormous cost of these medical bills, and to commit to paying a fixed amount every month via horaat kever (direct debit), to cover Rabbi Berland’s medical bills.

We know that times are difficult, and that money is tight.

But it’s hard to think of a more important destination for ma’aser money than ensuring Rabbi Berland, shlita, has the correct medical assistance and equipment he requires in order to continue to lead the Jewish people forward.

You can sign up for the horaat kever here:

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And while the reward for each mitzvah is certainly the mitzvah itself, it’s certain that whoever digs deep to help the Tzaddik HaDor at this crucial time will be beloved in shemayim, and will certainly see many blessings and brachot in return.


Please sign up to help us help Rabbi Berland here:


And may we hear good news, very soon.


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