BREAKING NEWS: One of the leading Tzadikim tells Am Yisrael: “There is a huge gezeira now in Shemayim, because of the way Rav Berland is being treated!”

In an emergency radio-broadcasted statement from the last 24 hours, Rav Avraham Baruch passed on an important message which he was given by one of the generations leading tzaddikim, a well known Rabbi not connected to Breslov or to Rav Berland, saying that there is a difficult gezeira (decree) hovering over the heads of Am Yisrael, something that Rav Dov Kook from Tiveria has been saying as well – and it’s all stemming from the bizui haTorah, (disgrace of the Torah) which is happening now in relation to how Rav Eliezer Berland is being treated. The following is a partial translation of the full recorded message in Hebrew, that you can hear for yourself below:

The person interviewing Rav Avraham Baruch explains that the Gemara says that right before Mashiach comes, there will be a period of time when ‘talmidei chachamim are persecuted’. Rav Boruch responds by saying that one of the leading Rabbi’s and Kabalists of the generation urged him today to get this message across as he sees clearly the decree in shamayim if we don’t make a loud protest against the disgrace which is happening the Rav Berland shlit”a. This Rabbi requested that his name be withheld as he knows that the sitra achra will go against him as well were his name to be mentioned.

He goes on the explain that when a great sage such as this says we must do something to save us from pain and suffering, then we have to do it very quickly, and just obey. The interviewer explains that this isn’t the time to say, “But who am I?” Just do it. “Everyone in Am Yisrael is obligated to protest on behalf of the kavod of the tzaddik [Rav Eliezer Berland.” He re-emphasises that in order to cancel the gezeira, we must protest on behalf of the kavod (honor) of the tzaddik. Another speaker adds in that Rav Badani (whom they emphasize is not Breslov) recently released a statement saying: “Whoever speaks badly about Rav Berland will fall to Gehinnom.” He says that he believes the message is that everyone must say aloud (b’peh) that ‘We don’t accept it’ [i.e. the terrible, shameful treatment of Rav Berland] and ‘that we don’t believe it’ [i.e. the slanders and lies being spread about him] and ‘that we protest’. And then from Shamayim, the gezeira will be cancelled. They conclude that Rav Abuchatzeira from Nehariyah says that Rav Berland is a “malach Hashem Tzvaot” – an angel of God.

In a seperate message, Rav Yosef Berger begins by saying: “Who am I to open my mouth to speak about the holy tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland?​” He then goes on to praise Rav Berland’s Torah and spiritual level, before continuing that the Sitra Achra is trying to take Am Yisrael from the Truth and make Am Yisrael confused. He then speaks out against the false allegations being made against Rav Berland, before explaining how much Rav Berland has helped people via kiruv, etc, and re-emphasising how holy he is. Rav Berger continues that what is occurring right now is an attempt at confusion–*bilbul*–and therefore we have “an obligation to know who this tzaddik is and not surrender before this frustration that is coming from these tameim [impure ones].” He explained that a Rabbi from Tzfat who spoke wrongly about Rav Berland this week based solely on what he read in the media, and not hearing the full story must do teshuvah, saying that: “He [i.e. the Rabbi] hears tamei words from tamei people!” Rav Berger continues: “I will not bow before Baal, this avodah zarah of these Internet sites, of the heretical news, that they all the time only lead to coldness, mockery, and weakening so that we’ll not believe in Hashem and Moshe His servant…..this is the war of the End of Days, this is a war which Hashem wants to see who believes in Him, His Torah and His leaders….” He continues by giving over a very strong message that everyone should believe Rav Berland and all the gedolei Yisrael who support him. He says that Rav Berland is trying to atone for our sins and (all that follows in quotes is a direct quote in translation:) “….we should pray for him, Rebbe Eliezer ben Etya, that Hakodesh Baruch Hu should protect him and save him from the Sitra Achra [Dark Forces], and from the tumah [spiritual impurity], and from the cult of the Erev Rav about whom the Zohar Hakadosh writes that they’ll rule (take control of) until the end of the Geula. And Melech HaMashiach will come and cut off the Erev Rav–this is the same Erev Rav that controls now and tries to battle him. Therefore, we will hold firm, b’ezrat Hashem, and we will not do what the sages of the generation did in the time of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza, who didn’t stand up strong for honor of Bar Kamtza (who was a simple Jew all the more so a tzaddik) and this is what destroyed the Beit Hamikdash. Yes, we WILL protest! So that HKBH will see that we are not mevater, not on His Kavod and not on the kavod of the tzaddikim….” Rav Berger ends by saying: “Hold steadfast! Melech Hamashiach is ready to be revealed! These are the last nisayonot (tests) and the birur of the emet (clarification of the truth) about who is going to be found on the side of kedushah and who isn’t, and is on the side of tumah.”

Lastly, he emphasizes that Rav Shalom Arush and others are coming out in support or Rav Berland more and more strongly, and repeats again that this is the final test. Rav Berger explains that the street on which the Ramle court is Rechov Tzionut (Zionism) on the corner of Rechov David Hamelech and Hashem is hinting to us that “what was until now was just the klippah of the Zionism of the Erev Rav which is trying to battle Rav Berland, because he is the one who brought out of Erev Rav captivity all neshamot who he was machzir b’teshuvah (brought back in teshuva).” He explains that until now, Zionism has been ruling, but that David Hamelech is now ready to be revealed.

Then he’s asked about his visit with Rav Chaim Kanievsky 10 days ago. He says that the visit took place in front of around 30 people and he asked Rav Kanievsky, “Kavod Harav, is it true that this year 5776 is more likely than ever, more likely to be the year of Geula more than any other year?” And Rav Kanievsky said, “V’dai, v’dai (certainly, certainly) 5776 is *yeshuah *(spelled out in Hebrew letters), it’s a year of salvation.”

With thanks to EC for the translation.


Rav Avraham Baruch shlit”a on three separate radio addresses within the last 24 hrs:


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